Friday, January 13, 2006

A class everyone should take...

I LOVE my class this semester. My professor is a great person and I've had her for two other courses in which I earned A's in both and let me tell you I worked for those grades! She encourages me to do my best. Thanks to her I have really come along way in my writing and critical thinking. She and I are hell bent on someday starting our own grassroots movement--a common sense movement. We're tired of the lack of common sense in society. Politically we don't lean too far one way or the other, we're more independent minded. I can't believe it took me until my thirties to develop this kind of thinking. After talking to many people who are older than me, I find that my journey is normal, most of them have gone through it too.

Anyway, right now we're discussing business ethics and moral development in class. You know the text puts forth several scenarios and when I analyzed them in my mind, I did what I thought was the obvious right thing. In fact I am positive it's what most people would have done. But what amazes me is there are people in this world who could put ethics aside and harm or cheat others just to get ahead. I've never done it and I could never do it. I just couldn't live with myself if I thought I harmed someone or cheated them just so I could come out with more. No way.

I've got to begin narrowing down a topic for my research paper which is due in April. We have a choice of seven different activities including researching practices of intelligence gathering in business; researching the history of business ethics and addressing questions regarding the extend to which Americans have observed ethics in their business dealings and followed standards of ethical behavior; researching books on the topic of "climbing the ladder to corporate success" and the ethical values involved in the process; whistleblowing and the repercussions; investigating one particular company's business ethics; investigating insider trading scandals from the 1980's; and researching the Ford Explorer Firestone tires scandal.

So which do you like? I'm torn as they are all very interesting to me. I need to set myself a deadline to choose a topic so I can begin my research. With all I have to do at work and home, I need to devote some real time to this. I find ethics an interesting topic, and yeah it does really amaze me that some people have none. ANd as far as the critical thinking involved in this research, it's amazing we have men and women graduating from college without the ability to master it.

So tell me, if they're not learning that, what are they learning?

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