Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I'm onto you...

Let me preface this with the fact that DH and I support our local, state and federal law enforcement in any way we can. And the Florida State Troopers can always count on us and our donations. So my bitch session here isn't about the troopers or their legitimate rep FAST (Florida Assn of State Troopers), it's with the crappy third party agencies who solicit donations on their behalf, or so they say.

Two weeks ago I get a phone call after 9 pm asking for DH. I ask "who is this" and the person on the other line replies "Florida State Troopers Association" and I know they are soliciting donations and I say "do you know it's after 9 pm? You woke us up" and I told him to call back another time.

Two nights ago I get a call about 7 pm asking for DH. I tell them he's not available and I ask who is calling. He says "Florida State Troopers Assocation" and I reply "are you the same guy who called us up the other night and woke us up?" ane hesitates and says "no" and before I can tell him to call back later he cuts me off mid-sentence and hangs up on me.

I was so livid. After some serious internet searching I found the email for the Florida Association of State Troopers which is THE legitimate organization that supports the Florida Troopers. I emailed them and complained about this agency who was soliciting donations. I told them I would never donate through this agency,ever.

Two days later I get a really nice email from someone in change at FAST letting me know that this isn't the first complaint they've received. She apologized and then let me know that she had checked my phone number (I provided it in my email) against the Do Not Call Lists and found my number was there. She said that if the number is on it, those organizations are not allowed to contact the individuals. In fact these agencies aren't allowed to contact ANYONE after 9 pm.

Turns out the perp is IUPA Florida Local 6000 which is strongly affiliated with the AFL-CIO (no surprise there!).

I found a nice article on their questionable practices regarding how they spend the donations they collect:

Police Charity has Questionable Way of Using Donations

I just filed a complaint with the FTC and it feels great. Finally, I can actually fight back!


  1. Anonymous1/26/2006

    I got a call from them today. I told them I wasn't interested in contributing, my husband is a correctional officer, and hung up. I hate for any police officer to be injured or killed on the job, but correctional officers are in just as much, if not more danger than police officers. No one has a charity for us. I say they can buy life insurance the same way I do.--ST

  2. Anonymous3/23/2006

    IUPA-Fl Local 6000 is the group who solicited you. They solicit using the name Florida State Troopers Association local 6000 in an attempt to lead unknowing citizens into donating to their cause. In 2004, they recieved almost $200,000 in phone solicitations as a gross amount yet netted only $14,000. Their phone solicitation company got the rest. In addition, IUPA got in trouble in Texas for allegedly soliciting in the name of Toys for Tots. One IUPA leader actually got jail time for that one.

  3. Anonymous6/03/2006

    I am so glad I did a web search on local 6000 before I sent any money in. Thanks for making an easy decision for me. They won't get my money either. I will stick to FAST thank you.

  4. They called again today (the third time in less than a month), asking for Carl. I have this phone number for almost 6 years and tell them every year that there is no Carl here so remove this number from your list. "Trooper Eli" said he would as have all the others in the last six years.
    I am on the do not call list but have not reported them since the number is always unavailable (and I did not know you could report a charity). After reading you postings, I will not be charitable as well file a complaint within the hour.

  5. Anonymous6/21/2006

    Got a call today from "Local 6000"...last week I got one from Fraternal Order of Police, District 7. If you really want to read something disgusting, go to www.800HelpFla.com...This online site provides the gift givers guide in Florida and you can look up the organization solicitating your money and see just how crooked they are. Last year, Florida State Troopers Local 6000 collected $4,229,423. Unfortunately, they had $4,280,447 in expenses...awww, rats...that means they went $51,000 in the hole..guess the poor ole' troopers got squat...FOP District 7, which is actually Safety Publications Inc out of Elk Grove Village a sub berb of Chicago wasn't much better...they went $10,775 in the hole. Very few of these so called "Police organizations" collect any money and if they do, only 5 to 10 cents on the dollar actually goes to the police organizations and the rest goes into their pockets. Unfortunately, being legitamate "charitable" organizations, they operate legally in the state of Florida, although their practices aren't what one would consider above board. Always check out any one solicitating on the Dept. Of Agricultures site listed above. It's free....and fun too!!! Knowledge is power.

  6. I am a retired Sheriff's Sgt. with 30 years service, and I never contribute to this kind of charity because they have a questionable track record going back many years. I received a call from the Florida State Troopers Assoc. Local 6000 today. I asked the guy what percentage of donations went to the charity, and what percentage to expenses. He replied that 100% of donations went to the charity. Those of you who have read this far know that was a lie. In fact, it was a fraudulent misrepresentation. If I were a resident of Florida, rather than a visitor, I would light a fire under the Attorney General.

  7. norm, you're wrong buddy, 100% doea to the florida state troopers, local 6000. the fst local 6000 is a member of iupa, which is a polica association, and all of the money goes to them....and they do whatever they want with it....

  8. I received a call from local 6000 the other day requesting a $25.00 donation to which I aggreed to.Having second thoughts about it,I decided to check it out on line,and I'm glad I did.I got in touch with the real Florida State Troopers by E mail,and to say that Local 6000's tactics are questionable is just touching the tip of the Ice berg.I have no problem donating to The Florida State Troopers directly,or to my Local county Sherrif which I will be doing,But this group has called constantly,and I am already on "The Do Not Call" regestry which they have Violated.I will be getting in touch with the State Attorney General's office to file a complaint!

  9. Glad you guys are taking action!!!

  10. Anonymous10/08/2006

    i work directly for the florida state troopers local 6000 and yall people dont
    know what the fuck your talking about. these donations do go to the children and familys of law enforcement officers because im the one who sends it to them.
    another thing im close personal freinds
    with the govner as well as the head of the florida burrow of investgations and this sight qualifies as slander i have sent a print if this page to both of them so dont be supprized if your in cuffs within the next two weeks.

    1. you sir ,are a moron.You are stupid ,,you cannot spell .And I take offence when some idiot hired,,telemarketing company calls me repeatedly,,will not take me off their call list,,and uses illegal robo calls to do so!I have no issue with the fine ,courageous men and women that serve in the police and other agencies.The truth is ,they all make more money than I do and have better benefits .Why is it that it is our responsibility to embellish their lives with our hard earned money? And why should we endure the endless onslaught of robo calls? ,,especially after we have explained that we are unable to help??

    2. Queen of Mazula8/24/2016

      I am the Queen Of Mazula England. I doubt I will have cuffs on me, but with your foul mouth and threats on the internet, Mr anonymous, your ass might be the one in cuffs.
      I love the Internet. Anyone can be anything if they believe they are hard enough. Crazy ass people!

  11. Anonymous10/19/2006

    Anonymous is clearly illiterate and full of hot air. And since there is no Florida "Burrow" or Bureau of Investigations for that matter, he is clearly an outsider. Yes, maybe he does work for Local 6000. If he doesn't, he should with that mental capacity. And of course, he hides behind the cloak of anonymity with his poison pen. These people are a scam and if you can’t figure that out, lock up your checkbook and hide your kids, no one is safe in your household.
    Bill Weaver

  12. Anonymous11/15/2006

    LAW ENFORCEMENT CHARITIES ARE A RIP-OFF. Who is getting the bulk of your donation??? The Solicitor or Consultant hired by the charity. Check out FAST and other charities on www.800HelpFla.com.

    Here's what was collected by FAST's hired fundraiser (06/30/05)and what FAST actually received:

    Total Revenue $3,171,470.00
    Program Services Cost $449,009.00
    (15% of Total Expenses)
    Administrative Cost $194,241.00
    (6% of Total Expenses)
    FUND-RAISING COST $2,403,121.00
    (79% of Total Expenses)
    Payment to Affiliates $0.00
    (0% of Total Expenses)
    Total Expenses $3,046,371.00
    Surplus/Deficit $125,099.00
    Solicitor/Consultant: WITH COMMUNITY SERVICES, INC. -- IRVING, TX

    There are much better ways to donate (your local church comes to mind). Don't give to these "businesses" hiding behind charities. Give directly to the charity if possible.

  13. Anonymous2/01/2007

    Here's the latest info (06/30/06)

    Business Name: F.A.S.T., INC. (Charitable Organization)
    City/State TALLAHASSEE, FL

    Total Revenue: $3,337,163.00
    Program Services Cost: $554,081.00 (17% of Total Expenses)
    Administrative Cost: $150,321.00 (5% of Total Expenses)
    Fund-Raising Cost: $2,493,395.00 (78% of Total Expenses)
    Payment to Affiliates: $0.00 (0% of Total Expenses)
    Total Expenses: $3,197,797.00
    Surplus/Deficit: $139,366.00
    Solicitor/Consultant: WITH COMMUNITY SERVICES, INC. -- IRVING, TX

    Give to your local charities to avoid the middle man.

  14. Anonymous3/14/2007

    You know, I kinda thought they were fishy, For years now they call me for Fl fire & emergency services, Fl state troopers local 6000, & Fraternal order of police. All the emblumns are similar. They always ask for $250 or more. Bunch of con-artists.

  15. I'm confused. Is F.A.S.T. another dodgy collection group or is someone using the acronym to deceive?

  16. CENTS FL3/21/2008

    Starting in Florida, a new organization of concerned citizens has formed Citizens for Ethical Non-profit Treasury Stewardship (“CENTS”) to highlight the fundraising practices of the Sarasota-based International Union of Police
    Associations (“IUPA”) and their for-profit telemarketing contractor LAS, LLC.
    Less Than 2% of Contribution Dollars Go To Charity
    CENTS says:“Nearly everyone has gotten a call from a police organization asking for a
    charitable contribution. We support our officers, but what IUPA is doing in their names
    is shocking.” We need your help!! Please contact us at cents_fl@yahoo.com

  17. Anonymous4/01/2008

    They called me. I never give my credit card # on the telephone, but I did!!

    I have worried about it ever since. First they desposited the $10.00 in my account, then took it out. I guess this was to see if my account was legit.

    I just called 1-866-391-6762 was told they are just some organization, not the state troopers. I said, I don't care who
    you are you should know better than to ask for a credit card # over the phone. I will now file a complaint with the FTC.


  18. Gonzo, if you read this let me ask you did you give them your credit card or your debit card number? I ask because you can always cancel the card and get a new one. But if you used a debit which allows them access to your checking, you need to contact your credit union or bank and talk about options. Worse case is that you just close the account and open a new one. Well actually worse case is that they clean out your account but let's think positive here. Let me know!


  19. Anonymous4/27/2008

    Anonymous said...

    "i work directly for the florida state troopers local 6000 and yall people dont
    know what the fuck your talking about. these donations do go to the children and familys of law enforcement officers because im the one who sends it to them.
    another thing im close personal freinds
    with the govner as well as the head of the florida burrow of investgations and this sight qualifies as slander i have sent a print if this page to both of them so dont be supprized if your in cuffs within the next two weeks."

    You talk a lot of smack and sound like you have the IQ of wax paper.

    Are you the same moron from "Florida State Troopers local 6000" who called me a couple years ago using some lame and contrived "support the families of FL troopers killed in 9/11" crapola, then cursed me and hung up when I asked you questions like "What is your name, physical address and telephone number?"

    You sure sound like the same illiterate scumbag.

    BTW, I'm former DEA and I asked around about your scam back then. You are a FRAUD and you need to be (back) in prison, convict. I'm pretty sure you're violating your parole in one way or another. Do you have any drugs or weapons in your vehicle, sir?...

  20. ROFL. Give it to em!

    I'm still wondering what the "florida burrow of investgations" is :)

  21. Anonymous5/05/2008

    the organization no calls itself police and troopers assco I.E.florida police and troopers assco or national police and troopers assco and they tell us it ok for us to call do-not-call# because we are a not for profit organization and also tell us it is ok to call after9 for the same reason as for the retired dea agent well i guess his anonymouse ass is real tough too i hope he feel like a big man making fun of my semiliterate 7$ph making ass its just a job i dont agree with it personally the same as violating peoples rights ,locking up the innocent ,destroyong families and being an all around douche bag may not be what you choose to define yourself -brian vandergrift CALL CENTER WORKER lakeland 863 619 5955

  22. This isn't any surprise. IUPA got in trouble in Texas and the president of the IUPA there went to prison for soliciting falsely in the name of Toys for Tots.
    Go to www.centsonline.org and join the anti-Iupa fight. Stop the madness and false soliciting now.

  23. Anonymous7/21/2008

    Ok Ms. Know-It-All, read and learn. FAST is a non-profit organization that does legitimate work on behalf of the troopers of Florida. The campaign headquarters are located in West Palm Beach. There are literally dozens of other organizations working for the troopers out there, with similar names: Florida State Troopers Association, Florida Police Benevolent Society, Florida Police Athletic League, Highway Patrol Commander Officer Association, etc. And I am almost positive that half of you are confusing FAST with one of these other organizations because they all use the same lines to get money out of you. Their locations range from Orlando to Tallahassee to Ft. Lauderdale.

    Now, as far as FAST is concerned, I can speak with authority here because I worked for them. FAST hires a for-profit telemarketing company to raise funds on their behalf. In Florida, this would be WCS, Inc. People are paid $7 an hour to sit in a boiler room and call everyone in Florida asking them for money on behalf of FAST, a portion of which WCS, Inc. keeps to pay for itself and its employees. The rest goes directly to FAST. (The website, by the way, is www.fastinc.org). The office is open from 1pm-9pm. So if they called after 9 it was NOT FAST. Also, the Do Not Call List does NOT apply to fundraisers (www.donotcall.gov). Therefore they can call you even if you are on the DNC list. So, where you got your bogus facts from, I do not know. One fact where you have a legitimate complaint is if you tell them to never call you again or to put you on THEIR do not call list, they must oblige. However, if you just hang up on them, tell them you're not interested at the moment, etc. then they can keep calling, and they probably will.

    As far as credit cards are concerned, you have as much chance of fraud occurring from FAST as you do if you buy from Amazon.com. So if you're one of those people who still live in the Middle Ages and are afraid of giving credit cards over the phone, you can continue living in your dark abyss. ALL credit card companies protect against fraud, so even though there is a chance of your number getting stolen, your credit card company will cover you if it does. I have had my number stolen once, and the credit card company issued me a full refund. I am not going to let the ease of using credit cards over the phone just disappear because of a problem I had once, which I got full cover from the credit card company. Anyway, just get your facts straight next time.

  24. Anonymous8/06/2008

    Jess said...
    ROFL. Give it to em!

    I'm still wondering what the "florida burrow of investgations" is :)

    Hey Jess, those are the guys that come out and get rid of the moles and ground hogs that "burrow" in your yard and lawn....I used them last week and they got rid of all those pesky critters in my yard.

  25. ROFL well there goes coffee all over my monitor!

    Too funny!

  26. Anonymous8/20/2008

    i got this call the other day. i had the mail me info to check them out. then i found this sight. i just called the local highway patrol to check out if they are legit. i'll post what they tell me.

  27. Anonymous3/24/2009

    I used to work for IUPA Florida back in 2005 around the time it first started. We are fed a good amount of crap that we are legit. At that time it was belivable because nothing I had gone in the news and I was jus a teenager. So I didn't care I'm kinda upset that you guys are judging the people calling you. It's not there fault people are tring to make a living I used to make a good amount of money when I worked with IUPA. I won't say how much but most teens in Florida don't make this much an hour. Now of course when this came out on the news. People working there got a bit scared we'd get shut done. I worked there 2 years and I got another job because I didn't want to be involed when they did get in trouble. I see this blog started in 2006 it's 2009 and they are still running strong. They aren't paying there CSR's as much as they used to but they are still there.

  28. RosettaStone6/09/2009

    i worked with the 6000 2 years ago. they are legit. 100% goes to the organization. the callers are employed by the 6000. anyone who says they got a call after 9PM is telling a lie. the computers automatically shut down at 8:59:59PM to prevent this exact thing from happening. there is a large fine associated with dialing after 9PM the 6000 would not risk a multi-thousand $ fine in the pursuit of $10. the DNC list does not apply and will not prevent these types of calls. these organizations are raising $ for officers, they are not trying to get you to purchase a vacuum, power tool, etc...the law makers wanted to stop those types of calls, not fund raising. if you do not like getting these type calls ask to be put on the groups DNC or simply do not pick up the phone. why pick up an unknown call to start with, right? also, word of advice, the best thing you can do is be nice in return. you deal with 1 call a day, the people working there deal with nearly 1,000 per 8 hour shift, if you ask to be removed nicely they have no problem doing it. also, don't lie...they hear 100's of them a day and will pursue you harder if you're straight up telling a lie. lastly, far more people give than they do complain.

  29. Dear Rosetta Stone,

    You're a moron. Go tie up someone else's blog with your crap.


  30. Anonymous8/17/2010

    Just got a call from the National Police and Troopers Association seeking donations. It's a shame that these people will get unsuspecting folks to donate, and sad that we can't trust people who phone our homes, but that's the truth. Since I was already online, I searched on the name and came up with a website on which the logo/name of the organization is even mis-spelled -- red flags, eh?

  31. Cary, NC9/13/2010

    I too received a solicitation from the "National Police & Trooper Association". My wife took the call and told them to send literature. Mid-way through the letter, it admits their affiliation with AFL-CIO. I Googled their name and found this link, stating that 19% of this charity's revenue goes to charity, and the rest to "outreach" and overhead. http://www.sos.wa.gov/charities/search_detail.aspx?charity_id=5457

    Sounds like a scam and a waste of money/time to me.

  32. Anonymous3/05/2011

    3-4-2011 they are still at it. i, too, asked that their literature be sent to me before i would think about contributing. thank god for computer research. they are among many groups that can profess to help by paying out VERY little to those in need, & keeping the rest for the unnecessary, such as those at the top. BEWARE, & send to those on the reputable list.You can also use www.bbb.org check out the top left box "check out a business or charity". many good people are in need, so don't stop contributing to the good organizations. thank you.

  33. Anonymous3/08/2011

    They have harassed me continuously since my one donation in 2008. But must say, the sticker on my back window likely has saved me from more than one speeding ticket. Now that I know more about them, will never again donate, rather give to the Florida Sheriff's Association. But it did turn out to be money well spent.

  34. Anonymous5/02/2011

    I have a similar problem with this people. On last Feb. they call me and ask me for the donation. I told them yes and they mail me some stickers and a envelope for the money, but we have some financial problems and we can’t do it at the moment. Today they call asking for the promises donation. This guys don’t even give a name, he only id himself to be the FHPA. I explain them that we can’t do it and that we even forgot about it and don’t know where the envelope is, is been 4 month. The guys wend ballistic on me, that I better find the envelope and that I have to pay the money. I told him that is a donation, donations are volunteer. He say that I was obligated to pay or if not. I ask If not what? He tries to bargain with me and want me to use my credit card over the phone. He even drops the donation to $10, but never answers my question that what was going to happen if I don’t pay the donation. One more time I ask for an answer and his name, eventually he hang up. I try to call the number on the caller id but is one of does you can’t call back. Finally, I search for the envelope and find it. I call the number on it and a "supervisor" answered the phone. I make a complaint thru him, but I don’t feel like he was a supervisor or that he cares. Honest he even sound like that guy that call me earlier. What is that email or phone number to make a complaint? My email is colon_edgardg@hotmail.com

  35. Anonymous8/01/2011

    I got a call from these people. I normally make
    donations for what I consider good causes. All of these donations are made when I get my tax
    returns. I decided to make an exception this time and make a donation to the NPTA. After I got off the phone I thought about the donation and changed my mind. The caller asked me what my
    first name was and then he called his supervisor to the phone to verify my name and
    donation, I thought this was an attempt to intimidate me. Therefore no donation from me!

  36. You guys are seriously IDIOTS! I work for a company called "J.A.K. Productions Inc." AND I call for the NPTA every single day and I talk to hundreds of you ungrateful people. The IUPA is guaranteed 15% of the total gross recieved from the fundraising drive. So what? Do you realize that paid professional solicitors make officers, firefighters, and veterans more money individually for them in 3 months than all 3 COMBINED DOES ALL YEAR?! Do you know how many people in this country need jobs? They offer them. These people are merely putting food on the table. The higher ups make more money cause they put it together. Do you know what all goes into RUNNING a call center? You can't get enough volunteers to put in that many hours every week to make these cops money. And whoever you are (retard that said a cop called them), you need to go learn some before you talk... its ILLEGAL for an officer to call you at your home on behalf of a fundraiser, its called Intimidation. Its also illegal for a solicitor to SAY he or she is an officer. The NPTA is a special project of the International Union of Police Associations (IUPA) and they NEVER ask for your credit card (referring to another retard) and they merely transfer you to their records department to double check your address and read off our legal disclosure. Not "bring my manager to the phone to verify your name and pledge to intimidate you." I mean, heck, pledge the 45, 35, or 25, let them send it to you, put the decal up, throw the rest of it away, and you don't get another call for 120 days... And they only call you in 120 cause they never recieved your donation. "Lather, rinse, and repeat." If you don't want the calls in the first place, ask to speak to their manager (they'll be more than happy to since it'll give them a minute break or so) and tell the manager to take your name and number off of all of the 'COMPANIES' lists... because there's WAAAY more than one campaign. Its that easy rather than to gripe and complain to the ghost of an organization like the BBB... HAHA. Well guys, talk to ya soon and just in case you guys don't know math 15% of a $0 donation is still zero...

  37. And the big bad DEA agent up there acting all hard telling a TEENAGER WITH A JOB that he is a convict. That's funny. Yet he posts as anonymous and "reveals" himself at the end of his message. I didn't know they had a game called dea... I'm a Marine Corps poolie (ship out Oct 11th) and a call center TSR to pay the bills till then. Am I a fraud? Am I a convict? Come tell me to my face. 912 27TH ST PARKERSBURG,WV 26104 right up the hill from JAK Productions Inc (304-422-6210) come see me.
    Look, to be honest, I don't even like this job, but its a job and it takes care of my family. At least me and the rest of my 'convicts' aren't out there sellin crack to your kids or raping your wive and sisters.

  38. Anonymous1/10/2012

    I get pulled over and given tickets, which I pay. They should make sure they get their fair share, fine, bribe. I have call the police three times in the last 5 years, they came running, 15 minunites too late. Donations, I don't thnk so. I am sure they have thousands of employees, why don't they support their own charities. My taxes pay them, Ive done my part.

  39. Anonymous3/21/2012

    1. They arent supposed to tell you they are working for Florida Association of State Troopers. They work for With Community Services
    2. The Florida Association of State Troopers has HIRED With Community Services for over twenty years to do their campaigning for them.
    3. I dont see how they called you after 9 pm when the campaign office closes at 9.
    4. THEY TELL YOU BEFORE YOU PLEDGE that not all the money goes to the state troopers
    5. Would you want to call a bunch of assholes all day for free? NO I didnt think so.

  40. Anonymous5/11/2012

    Tele-beggars apparently have no sense of personal pride nor do they possess anything relating to a proper work ethic.

    OTOH, they may be so poorly educated, and/or have a questionable background. Becoming a 'professional' beggar may be their only option.

    Sorry about that, but don't call my 'Do-Not-Call' registered number.

  41. Anonymous12/16/2012

    I receive many solicitation calls..have for many years despite never giving. Why would anyone in today's day and time, give their credit card number to someone on a phone who they have never seen or met?!? Even if the organization is legit, that does not mean the person calling actually is from there. Even if the organization is legit, they send something in mail first. IT IS AN UNSOLICITED CALL. Hello, I am with 123, may I have your credit card information? sure , do you want all my bank account numbers too? If you have gotten to this site, you know how to look up organizations who are truly charitable and give 90% or more to their cause. Be smart people.

  42. When anyone calls asking for donations there are a few questions that I ask to avoid getting scammed.

    1. I'm sorry. I never give to any cause or charity without researching it first.
    2. Do you have a web site? If not, can you give me your organization's contact information?
    3. Are your organization's list of board members and financials publicly available? How can I see them?
    4. What Internal Revenue Code is your organization registered under?
    5. Do you have a Charity Review Report available with the Better Business Bureau?

    Then go do your research. I keep a list of organizations who have passed my research that I will give to -- if I happen to have available funds at the time. I also have a fixed amount that I am willing to donate each quarter. Once it's gone it's gone.

    I'd also recommended reading the Better Business Bureau's guide at http://www.bbb.org/us/Police-Firefighter-Charities/.