Thursday, January 26, 2006

More city slicka envy!

Just so you know I'm not the only one with a great view, these are some of the great things mom and dad see on their place every day--mom took these photos of their place, isn't she some photographer? You know there really is nothing like sitting on the front porch and listening to the birds chirp or taking a long stroll in the quiet woods!

Ok I took these last two, awesome eh?


  1. Wow. Magnificent! I love the beautiful colors. The reds..greens. Are these pics really recent? Or are you tricking us? Is it in Fl?

  2. These pics were taken over the last couple of years during the appropriate seasons. WHen it's fall, the leaves turn a beautiful gold and brown and in the spring everything is so GREEN it's unbelievable. No tricks, my mom's 35MM takes wonderful pics. And yes it's Florida, North Florida. It's so pretty when you're in the country!!!

    BTW DH and I live on ten acres that used to be part of an old 1800's phosphate mine area and when it rains in the spring and you walk outside, the green hue is unbelievable. I almost call it "nuclear" green LOL becuase it's this awesome bright beautiful green like I have never seen anywhere else.

  3. Lovely. I have garden-zone envy. But I have rolling hills in TN, and can drive to the mountains in an hour - need my mountains!