Friday, January 27, 2006

Oh MY Goodness!!!!!!!!

I can't believe it. Robert Scorpio is BACK on General Hospital!

Robert and Luke (and Holly too for a short time) together again. It's an "old days of GH" fan's dream come true. The hell with all these new fangled plots, give me the good old days anytime. The days when we'd watch when we came home from school even though we were supposed to be doing homework. Was it cheesy? Maybe. Overdramatic? Absolutely. Did we love it? Hell yes!

My VCR stayeth tuned......

First Rick Webber (ok don't get me started on how GH messed up that opportunity), then Noah Drake, now Robert Scorpio.

All this retro is just too much! :)


  1. Anonymous1/28/2006

    Don't tempt me to watch! I gave up soaps a long time ago. I bet they can't get it right the second time around. Sequels and reunions are never as good. My daughter and her best friend are eagerly waiting the sequel to Pirates of the Carribean. By the way, did you ever watch the Edge of Night? If so, do you remember Sky and Raven? I love that show too.--ST

  2. I remember Skye and Raven!! Hey S, you remember the very last episode....I remember it and it had me puzzled for days!!

  3. I'm so embarrassed to admit this--I loved all those guys. AND I'M A GUY!! I've since obsessed on OLTL, but my VCR broke down about 4 months ago, and guess what? I don't miss it!! After 30+ years, I don't miss it!!!

    But still....

  4. Anonymous1/29/2006

    Unfortunately, I can't remember the last episode. Apparently my mind can't retain alot of info. I have to ask RT what happened in a lot of movies we saw years ago. By the way, what did happen?--ST

  5. Ok Su-here you go. From the Edge of Night (season-year 1984) homepage at

    DECEMBER 28, 1984: EPISODE 7,420. (The Edge of Night's final telecast)

    On the penthouse terrace, Liz tells Beth she'll probably be getting used to the view, but Beth reveals that she and Miles are planning to live at the Corell house. This prompts a catty remark from Liz, and the sisters begin to argue. Beth informs Liz that their mother wasn't a bad person. Liz breaks down and admits that she didn't mean to cause their mother any pain, and she didn't want their mom to die. Beth knows. Liz wanted to die instead. Liz admits that it's true, and that's why she has to leave. Liz says that one day maybe they can talk again. Beth smiles and tells her sister that she'd like that.

    Jody and Preacher say goodbye to one another. Jody wishes Preacher luck and gives him a kiss, adding that she hopes he finds what he's looking for. With an eye to Jeremy, Preacher says that he hopes Jody finds what she's looking for, too.

    On the snowy streets of Monticello, Chris follows Alicia to Wonderland Lane, where Alicia enters M. Hatter Antiques. Chris goes in after her. Alicia stumbles through a curtain and whispers, "Off with her head," before collapsing to the floor with a large knife stuck in her back. Chris is stunned when Louis Van Dine appears from behind the curtain. Then, Chris is grabbed from behind by Donald Hext, who still wears the bloodied uniform from the day Sky Whitney killed him in a duel. Chris manages to escape with Hext in pursuit. Van Dine kneels over Alicia's body and laughs hysterically. Running from Hext, Chris slips in the snow and drops her purse by a trash can with a large stuffed bunny sitting on top.

    After Miles and Beth have left the wedding reception, Mike and Nancy announce to their friends that Laurie is home for good. Mike then remarks to everyone, "There's a fitting completeness to this day. I can't describe it, but it's very special."

    A package arrives at the Whitney house for Geraldine, who informs Del that it's the prenuptial agreement she had drawn up after he revoked his last marriage proposal. Del reluctantly signs the document, commenting that he'll have to get up pretty early to put one over on Geraldine. "Just you try," laughs his bride-to-be.

    Chris brings two cops to the scene of Alicia's murder, but the antique shop and Wonderland Lane have been replaced by a large brick wall, with a factory on the other side. The two officers tell Chris that they've walked the same beat for years, and they've never heard of Wonderland Lane. One of the officers notices Chris's purse in the snow. She tells them that's where she slipped after running away from the antique shop, which is owned by the Mad Hatter. "Was the rabbit there late for a very important date," the officers joke. Chris insists that it was all there, but it's gone now.

    Miles and Beth are basking in the afterglow of making love. As Miles holds her very close, Beth dreamily declares, "This is going to last forever."

    Chris returns to the penthouse to tell everyone about her strange experience. Although the police didn't believe her, Mike and Calvin do and organize everyone into action.

    At the Whitney mansion, Sky and Raven kiss passionately and answer a knock at their front door. Sky finds the sword he used to kill Donald Hext on the doorstep. Sky and Raven look at one another in bewilderment. Another mystery has begun...

    With that, twenty eight years of murder, mystery, and mayhem comes to an end.

    I remember that as being a damn awesome episode!!

  6. I LOVED Scorpio!! And the whole love triangle with luke and holly! I may just have to start watching again :)

  7. I did not tape it today so if someone wants to give me the scoop (mom, Susan...SOMEONE...HELLO!!!)

    Uh mom you didn't know of course that we girls used to sneak into the hallway and watch GH while you sat on the couch...right?

  8. Anonymous1/30/2006

    Okay! My memory totally escaped me. Am I getting old or what? You are absolutely right. That was the worst final episode in the history of mankind. Maybe it was an intentional mental block. My lovely daughter always dreams out new endings to books and movies if she doesn't like the way it was written. I think she may be on to something. Sorry! I missed GH.--ST

  9. I thought it was a great final episode, I remember my mouth dropped open and I was like "what the heck?" to see it was much better than reading what I posted above.

    Your daughter has the right idea, I do that all the time. You ever watch the same movie a zillion times and hope for a different ending? I do that all the time!

  10. Anonymous1/31/2006

    Ahh! You and my lovely daughter have some things in common. I refuse to watch movies with "bad endings" and movies that make me cry. I am basically a fan of comedies, especially romantic comedies such as While You were Sleeping, and Kate and Leopold. I will also confess to a few musicals like My Fair Lady, Meet me in St. Louis, and Singing in the Rain. Oh yea, and let's not forget anything with Jimmy Stewart.--ST