Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The post with everything

Ice Cream

Top ten reasons I cannot keep ice cream in the house:

1) I always eat more than a serving size, well--WAY more than a serving size.
2) I always eat more than a serving size, well--WAY more than a serving size.
3) I always eat more than a serving size, well--WAY more than a serving size.
4) I always eat more than a serving size, well--WAY more than a serving size.
5) I always eat more than a serving size, well--WAY more than a serving size.
6) I always eat more than a serving size, well--WAY more than a serving size.
7) I always eat more than a serving size, well--WAY more than a serving size.
8) I always eat more than a serving size, well--WAY more than a serving size.
9) I always eat more than a serving size, well--WAY more than a serving size.
10) I always eat more than a serving size, well--WAY more than a serving size.

I've asked DH repeatedly--"please please do not buy ice cream". When I buy it for myself I buy just a small pint, brush it off in one single Saturday night Law & Order-fest and then it's gone forever. But no, DH had to buy a five gallon container of it a week ago and while I was able to go without a few nights, I gave in and wound up finishing the damn thing up tonight.

And now I feel guilty for finishing it off. This sucks!

The State of the Union

Let's face facts, I dont' know which America the President is living in but the state of our union is not confident and strong. We've got a lot of problems in this country that have yet to be addressed. Social Security, federal income tax code, the energy crisis, Iran, Korea and our health care system are among those issues I am most concerned about.

The baby boomers are the largest generation living right now and they are going to be retiring soon. Every calculation I have done, every source I have read, shows proof positive that there is NOT enough social security to go around. We told the BB's and their parents, the GG's (Greatest Generation) that social security was the big white way, they were told "just pay in and we promise when you retire your money will be used to take care of you" and so they trusted in the government which is now ready to shaft them and their children and grandchildren. Most of these folks were born and raised middle class and married middle class, they were promised big things from social security, told it was patriotic to contribute. I can guarantee you that fifty years ago if people had only known how corrupt the SS system would become they would have found alternative means for funding their retirement, even if it meant stuffing money under the mattress, which to be honest with you, in these times doesn't sound like that bad of an idea now does it?

Is it un-american for me to say "I'm not watching the State of the Union". Well fine, write me up, I'm not watching it. In fact, they're pre-empting Michael Savage in order to air it on the local talk radio station, and I am not happy about that. Besides the State of the Union is all going to be the same old thing about let's see--Iraq, Iraq, Iraq, Afghanistan, the war, terrorism, 9/11, social security, unemployment, health care, education, blah blah blah. Sure those are important but I'll pay attention when we actually start getting somewhere on something other than Iraq.


Hello? Are you listening? You should be because Iran is about to get serious all over our big fat red, white, and blue American ass and I don't think anyone is paying attention. Iran will not negotiate, they hate us, they want us dead, they will be cohorting with Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Aqsa, and everyone of those damn terrorist groups. You think Iraq was a threat? Iraq was nothing compared to Iran. They've got a psycho Hitler-wanna be for a dictator. He would love nothing better than to nuke us. They want Israel wiped off the face of the earth and they will not settle for anything less. The only thing that can save us is if the young twenty and thirtysomethings of Iran, many who were young but did live through the Ayatollah and the turmoil of the 70's and 80's remember what that was like and how they do not want to go through it again. I have read in more than a few sources that these young people want freedom, they crave it. THey do not hate America, many of them embrace the western culture even though they don't necessarily agree with it. They are graduating from college, starting families, they see our freedom and they want a taste for it. I am confident that if that government gets too far out of control, the young freedom desperate people will come to our aid, not for us, but for them.

Fair Taxes

Speaking of, why won't any of our esteemed politicians in Congress back the Fair Tax Plan? What? They don't like it? Think it's bullshit? Hyped? I don't see any one of them coming up with a better plan. I sure as hell am waiting and I hear nothing from them. Instead they would rather back the strongarming of government agencies in the continued taking of our hard earned tax dollars. They are throwing our money away like it's nothing. Every pork barrel dollar being spent is our money. You know why they won't vote for an alternative tax plan? Because they know that once Americans begin paying taxes on consumable items, the American people suddenly have the reigns in this country. We can control the politicians if we make them accountable and if we, not them, are in charge of the tax dollars. Yeah I know, we elect them to represent us, but it's out of control now, they are no longer accountable to us. Time for a change.

Exxon posts record profits

Exxon Mobil earned $10.6 billion during its first quarter. Meanwhile, many Americans have to choose between paying their utility bill or putting gas in their vehicle to go to work. I'm not saying Exxon doesn't have a right to make a profit, they most certainly do. But something isn't right when prices hiked like crazy last year and they walked away with $36.1 billion for the year. Hello? Let's see maybe you math geniuses out there can figure out for the rest of us what profit Exxon would have walked away with had the price of gas been back down to where it was before the major hikes? Would it have been 30 billion? 25 billion? 15 billion?

Do you know how much money 15 billion is? It's a lot.

And for those of you saying I'm anti free-enterprise, I'm not. I am a registered Independent who believes wholeheartedly in free enterprise, but I also don't believe in gouging the American people either. The oil companies and this government hold us hostage to pay whatever price the oil companies demand because we, the people, have little say in the energy issue. It's not yet affordable for most Americans to run solar power through their homes and apartments, not everyone has the capability to convert their vehicle to run off vegetable scraps and cooking oils, and electric cars aren't exactly cheap either. We need alternative sources of fuel and our government needs to begin investing in it. Oil companies own dozens of patents on alternative sources for fuel but those will never see the light of day. And our Congress will sit on their hands and play dumb because many of them are invested in the same oil companies that are gouging us.

Crazy isn't it?

The Deficit

In case you have been living on Mars and hadn't heard the news, we're running a major deficit. Last I checked it was $8,202,401,471,182.08 and growing.

Bush said last year that the deficit could be cut in half by 2009. The problem is he doesn't want to raise taxes and spending has only increased. Maybe it's his fuzzy math but I just don't see how you can cut this enormous deficit without either raising taxes or cutting spending. I just don't see it. I guess that's why I'll never be President.

My problem is I look at things from a common sense point of view. I really don't know where I picked up the common sense, I wasn't born with it, oh no, my parents could tell you that, I didn't have much of it growing up either, all I know is that age and experience (some good, some bad), had a lot to do with putting me where I am today. For me common sense comes naturally anymore. So if I, in my mid-thirties have it, why don't elected officials who are twice my age with a more expensive education, have it too?


  1. Anonymous1/31/2006

    Hey Jess! I have one question. What kind of ice cream was it? I would definitely like to see social security privatized. I don't understand how anyone could be opposed to the idea. It would be like a 401K. RT and I are saving for retirement. We certainly don't expect to get anything from social security. I would also like to see some sort of flat tax or sales tax instead of the complicated unfair system we have now. I need to start my itemization this weekend. Yipee! I am off now to eat an ice cream in your honor and watch the state of the union.--ST

  2. I'll eat ice cream in your honor, too!
    Every time I buy ice cream, my kids get into it before I get a chance. Last time I went to the store, I bought some and when I came home, I locked it in the deep freeze. (he he) Now, if I can sneak away from my kids for a bit, I can enjoy some.

  3. It was chocolate fudge royal. YUMM!! ST you could always eat anything and never gain weight. I was looking at our high school photos and you are as thin now as you were back then! ;) (and of course just as pretty). Veronika, you have to find a hiding place for the ice cream!!

  4. Anonymous2/01/2006

    I used to hide cookies and candy bars under my bed and eat them in the middle of the night. Then RT and the kids found my stash! Once I tried to find a cookie that no one but me liked that way they wouldn't eat them all before I got any. Let's just say that was an effort in futility. Do I still hide food from my family? After twenty years of marriage, the answer is your darn right I do. It's a neccessity.--ST

  5. HA HA! The things I never knew about you! ;)