Thursday, January 12, 2006

Wanna be a hero to your kids?

For about $1500 you can get your kids to look up at you with love, respect and admiration.


All you have to do is take them on a Walt Disney World vacation, which for seven days and six nights will cost you less than $1500 for a family of four. Disney's latest commercial states:

"You can be a hero too. Take your family on a Walt Disney World Vacation."

Wow. Is that all it takes to be a hero to your kids? Think of all the happy families we'd have if parents took their kids to Disney every time the kids were feeling the need for a role model. Just think----no more drug use, school violence, teen pregnancy, or dropping out of school. Disney can solve all your problems!

The hell with all that. Now I'm just your average Jane but my idea of a hero is an ordinary person who does extraordinary things, one who unselfishly gives of themselves and leads by example so that others have a better life. A hero is not defined by age, color, nationality, religion, height, weight, gender, wealth or educational background.

A hero is defined by the size of their heart.

I'm very disappointed in Disney and I wonder where their heart really is.


  1. Fortunately my son never got all caught up in the Disney worship th ing. I am happy to say we have never visited Disney World or Disney Land. SeaWorld, however, is another thing altogeher.
    Hero to whom? Disney.

  2. Their hearts are deeeep in their pockets, silly girl! Where else?