Monday, February 27, 2006

Casa-de-Maryland vs. Minutemen

There's a battle a-brewin' in Takoma Park Maryland between the Minutemen and Casa de Maryland.

The Minutemen are taking covert photographs of day laborer companies who are recruiting day labor off the streets. Most of this day labor is believed to be illegal immigrants. The Minutemen haven't approached or harassed anyone in Takoma Park and there have been no complaints against them. And contrary to what radical organizations like Casa de Maryland would have you believe, the Minutemen are a NON-violent organization working to curb illegal immigration. They are not anti-immigration, they are anti-illegal immigration and there is a difference.

Now in opposition of the Minutemen, Casa de Maryland plans a pretty disgusting approach:

‘‘We are going to target them in a specific way,” said Executive Director Gustavo Torres. Casa representatives will go out with cameras and video cameras to record the Minutemen, but that will only be the first step, he said.

‘‘Then we are going to picket their houses, and the schools of their kids,and go to their work,” Torres said. ‘‘If they are going to do this to us, we are going to respond in the same way, to let people know their neighbors are extremists, that they are anti-immigrant. They are going to hear from us.”

I watched Fox News this morning and Thomas Perez, President of the Montgomery County Council , was asked "do you agree with this?" and he repeatedly dodged the question.

Hell yeah he agrees with it. That's why he didn't want to admit it on national television.

Targeting these people's homes? Their children's schools? Their places of work? That amounts to stalking in my opinion. And I think it's wrong. Just because someone has a difference of opinion with you doesn't give you the right to target their private lives.

An organization which receives half of its funding from government sources should not be allowed to use those funds to harass and stalk law abiding citizens.

Casa de Maryland’s annual report states that it is a non-profit group which receiveds 51.3% or $1,421,173 in taxpayer funds in FY 2004-2005 to support its mission.

Montgomery County itself committed $114,779 of taxpayer funds to first-year operations of an employment center in the city of Wheaton. The county also paid for the leasing paid for the renovation of the 1,863 square-foot space.

Prince George County committed $91,961 for the "Prince George's Worker Center" which operates under CASA.

In fact, here's some of the sources of public funding:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Latino Health Initiative of Montgomery County
Maryland AIDS Administration
Maryland Cigarette Restitution Fund
Maryland-National Park and Planning Commission
Montgomery County Community Development Block Grants
Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services
Montgomery County Department of Housing and Community Affair
Montgomery County Office of County Executive
Prince George’s County Community Development Block Grants
Prince George’s County Council – Special Appropriations Funds
City of Takoma Park

Casa de Maryland might have a good idea in mind, certainly any organization that exists to help people get ahead is a good thing. But the problem is that Casa de Maryland promotes illegal immigration and that is wrong. And to further their cause they attempt to convince us that people who are anti-illegal immigration are also anti-immigration period. And that is VERY misleading but it's how they work.

The fact of the matter is that while in many areas illegal immigrants provide necessary labor, they also are breaking the law and draining local communities of resources, in education, health care and law enforcement just to name a few. They also bring illnesses and major diseases with them. Tuberculosis is on the rise in states and cities with high illegal immigrant populations. Gee, no surprise there. When my Romanian, Italian and Sicilian immigrant ancestors came over near the turn of the old century, their health was checked as best it could be back then. Anyone with illness was turned back. But with illegal immigration there is no control and as such, diseases are being spread throughout towns and cities in the US, especially in the Southwest where it is out of control.

If Casa de Maryland goes after the Minutemen and their families, there's going to be trouble, big trouble and when it goes down they deserve to lose every bit of their public funding. If they want to harass and stalk law abiding people whose opinions differ from theirs, whose only motivation is to protect America from illegal immigration, then they deserve to lose every penny of public funding. If they want to use bullshit tactics, let them do it on private donations, not my money, or yours.


  1. Yeah, a common complaint of the activists, like the MinuteMen, is that they are anti-immigrant. No, they are anti ILLEGAL immigrant. Big difference, especially in my state of Texas. It's a mess.

  2. I happen to live in Montgomery County. I should turn on the news more often!