Tuesday, February 21, 2006

If this were your daughter....

Would you want the man who raped and brutally murdered her to be executed? It takes a hell of a strong person to turn the other cheek and forgive and be ok with life in prison. While I am positive that innocent people have been executed in the long history of executions in this country, this just isn't one of those cases.

Terri Winchell would have been 42 years old this year. But she never made it. She never had the chance to go to college, get married, have children, buy her first home, interview for her dream job, send her kids off for their first day of kindergarten, attend their high school graduation and play with her grandchildren.

Michael Morales, the brutal bastard who, in 1981 when she was just 17, beat her with a hammer repeatedly and with great force, until he disfigured her, then raped and stabbed her to death, could face life in prison instead of execution.

Morales was set to die but two anesthesiologists appointed to make sure that Morales was unconscious before the lethal injection withdrew from the execution because the court ruling mandated that they would hve to be an active part of the execution by adjusting the dosages if Morales didn't die the first time around. Officials are attempting to proceed using sodium pentothal instead of the three drug sequence usually used, but the Judge as added yet another condition-that the drug must be injected by someone licensed to inject intravenous medicines and the injection must go directly into Morales and not an IV.

And so because officials are having trouble finding medical persons who are licensed and willing, Morales might just get life in prison because it's rumored Judge Fogel will not issue another death warrant after this one expires.

Terri's family is being robbed of justice. It seems such a shame.

You know how all this started? The bastard's attorneys argued the state's lethal injection procedure may cause him excruciating pain.

After what he did to Terri Winchell, there's a problem with that?


  1. I've always felt a bit of sympathy / compassion for people whose lives have been so warped that they feel it's okay to inflict violence - some sense of sorrow that they were damaged, leading to their damage of others... while realizing that some people simply aren't rehabilitateable (sp? who cares?) and need to be put down for the safety of the innocent.

    But yesterday, after that little beast brought violence within arm's reach of my child, I can't find anything in me but anger and desire for the boy to be punished. And my child wasn't even hurt. I cannot fathom how this family feels.

  2. I am so glad your son is ok Sam, I am so sorry he had to go through this, he will be scarred for some time, if he needs to talk, I know you will be there for him.

    Would you keep me posted on the events surrounding this? I have to wonder what makes kids do such things?

    It's scary isn't it? Do you recall this being so prevalent when were kids? I know the world was rough then, but I just don't recall this happening like it does now.


  3. I've got a whole lot of "eye for an eye" in me when it comes to these monsters.