Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Maybe Cheney was just a cover story...

One has to wonder if Dick's open season on hunting buddies is merely a cover for the real story that few are talking about. The deal has been finalized and shame on us, because I'm quite sure I'm not the only one who was clueless.

You would think our government would want us to know that six of this country's major ports are slated to be taken over by a company in Saudi Arabia.

You would think.

I'll admit I had no idea that an English firm P&O Ports owned six major ports in this country. After learning it I felt rather embarassed that I never knew. But honestly why would I know something like this? Like any other average, red-blooded American, I always thought that that US government agencies and/or US owned companies owned and operated US ports. I mean I though that was just a given. So imagine my surprise when I found out I was wrong (I think misled is a better word) and also that there is no requirement mandating US ownership of these ports. Once I got past my embarassment at my lack of knowledge in this area, I was outraged that our government, which works so hard to meddle in the individual lives of its citizens, does not care that that a foreign nation, especially the UAE will soon be in control of six of our ports, including one in New York City.

I have a hard time believing that there is no American company that can take over managing the six ports in question. If there isn't a company, one should be created. And if one can't be created, then damnit put them under government control. Yeah I know, just what we need, more government control right. After all we see how successful the government is in the area of airport security. But really we have no choice. Government control of our ports is a hell of a lot more viable option than foreign control. The ports are penetrable, they are a source of irritation in the area of national security and since our government's first and foremost duty is to provide for the safety and security of this nation and its people, it would seem only natural they take over this venture.

I have to ask myself why a foreign nation? Certainly giving foreign ownership our ports isn't for the purpose of saving our government money because God knows our federal government officials don't give a shit about that, not with a $2 trillion dollar proposed budget and a federal deficit of $8,213,765,145,378.46. And I have a hard time believing that this deal is just to show solidarity with the Saudis. No, some folks higher up somewhere in this government are getting something big out of this. Look, it took me a long time to accept the possibility that Haliburton could be one of many reasons we went to war in Iraq and if I accept that possibility, I have to accept that there's something fishy behind this deal.

I'm not surprised the media is more interested in Dick than the Saudis. I mean if you weigh the two stories, it's so obvious......you know....."Arab nation which funds terrorists plans to take over US ports" against "Dick accidentally shoots lawyer buddy with birdshot" of course the latter would be the most important, I mean a bunch of old bald guys accidentally shooting each other while hunting poor defenseless little birds is certainly an issue of national security now isn't it?


  1. wow. I feel so ignorant after hearing this

  2. Hey daughter, where did my comment go?? Did you delete your last article?

  3. It's on the dumb and dumber thread remember??