Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Multiculti Madness!

An institution of higher education is having a Multicultural Awards Ceremony which honors
"students of African-American, Hispanic-Latino, Native-American, Asian-American, and multi-racial heritage as well as other minority groups including lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender students in a university-wide ceremony. "

Well they pretty much have every group under the sun covered, except one.

Would a white heterosexual male student with a 4.0 GPA with an Italian, Romanian, Polish, and German background be included?

Of course not!!

I am of Romanian, Italian, Sicilian, English, Scottish, German, Irish, and Cherokee descent. My dad's heritage is English, Scottish, German, Irish and Cherokee. I'd consider that a variety of cultures. But he wouldn't be considered multicultural by any stretch of the imagination by anyone else because he's not in a "minority" or "underrepresented" group. He's just your average middle-aged white guy. And as we know that being white, male and heterosexual in America doesn't get you very far these days does it?

And what on earth is this about gay, lesbian and transgendered being considered multicultural? I'd like to poll the gay people I know and ask them if they think they are multicultural. My guess is they'd laugh and emphatically deny that being gay suddenly makes you top of the list of multiculti in America.

In fact, I am seriously doubting that most of the people on the above list are even close to multicultural. If you were born in America, you are not African, Asian, Latin American, Native American. You are American. You can however have a long line of African, Latin American, Asian, Native American and other ancestry and that's just fine. But having that heritage doesn't make you any more multicultural than someone like my dad.

This is yet another in a long list of university political correctness gone absolutely mad. But it makes everyone "feel good" from the special interest groups to the politicians on down to the parents of the so-called multicultis and nobody wants to sue for discrimination as long as their child is recognized. It's the standard once a year thing that has to be done. Nobody questions it because OH MY GOD it would be RACIST to do so.

It is a real damn shame that an institution of higher learning is allowed to discriminate in such a way and put on such a bullshit sham of an event just to appease certain groups. A University has the responsibility of treating all students equal and offering all students a quality education. And if they want to recognize the achievements of outstanding students, they must recognize the achievements of all outstanding students, not just a few based on their heritage because that my friends is called discrimination and it's not just immoral, but it's also illegal too.

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  1. Why couldn't he get credit for the Cherokee blood? That ought to earn him something, maybe at least a free buffet at the casino. Oops, I hope that wasn't considered racist. It's just a joke. Never give up funny for the sake of political correctness, unless of course you're at work and could get sued or fired.