Saturday, February 04, 2006

Poor Katie...

Not that long ago Katie Holmes was a nice Catholic girl, young, vibrant, single, smart and uh--not pregnant. SHe had her whole life ahead of her. She probably hoped one day to meet a nice man, fall in love, have a family and just live a normal life! Her parents probably had high hopes for her.

Now she's pregnant, engaged to Tom Cruise, and embracing Scientology.

Poor Katie.

I used to like Tom Cruise, I wasn't a big fan but I liked him. Until he came out and blasted Brooke Shields. Now you don't mess with Brooke, she's only four years older than me and I've been a big fan of hers since I was a kid. She's a good person and when she came out publicly about her fight with depression after the birth of her daughter, I liked her even more. She was so forthcoming and honest about her illness and the way it impacted her life and that of her entire family. That's a truly courageous person.

Tom Cruise is an ass, he's also creepy. And it's a shame that he managed to brainwash the young and decent Katie and now that she's pregnant, she's been sucked into his creepy world for good. And worse, there's going to be a child involved. I only hope she can escape before it's too late.


  1. Anonymous2/04/2006

    No this is a man we can agree on being a jerk!--ST

  2. That relationship will be over as quick as it began. They're celebrities!
    I think that's when I lost all respect for him, too - when he dogged Brooke.

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  4. I think Tom has always been a jerk, it just took a few years for him to develop it to an art. Dumping Nicole, who I have always liked, would have been a very unfeeling and selfish move, except for the fact that he actually wound up doing her a favor. I also have always liked Brooke, she's a smart, educated and talented young woman, and I respect her for being open and honest about her problems. And now Katie.......she needs to wake up and dump this jerk before the baby is born. As for Tommy, he is a self-absorbed, jerk, who simply needs a good bitch slap.

  5. OMG did my mother just use the words "Bitch slap?"

    I LOVE IT!!!

  6. Poor disillusioned have to keep in mind that I was a thinking, feeling and VERY vocal young woman years before I became a mother :-)