Monday, February 20, 2006

This whole "President's Day" sham...

Not to be a bitch or anything but I don't like the idea of "President's Day" to honor all our past Presidents. I don't even like all our past Presidents. I mean why should I honor a bunch of rich white men I didn't like?

It's all about PC. We're not allowed to honor a white man's contributions because it was white men who screwed things up for everyone else.

I say bring back Washington's Birthday, Lincoln's Birthday and add Thomas Jefferson too while you're at it. After all the man authored the Declaration of Independence for crying out loud. Doesn't he get any recognition?

No official act called for it but somehow Washington's Birthday and Lincoln's Birthday were lumped together and are honored by the Feds taking yet another day off, and the rest of us working stiffs going to work, which is probably what Washington and Lincoln would have wanted us to do. I highly doubt they would have wanted the taxpayers footing the entire federal payroll taking off on their birthdays.

On the flip side of this birthday thing, I recall states were asked (some were forced) to adopt Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday as a holiday and on this day damn near everyone is required to shut down. Now don't think I don't appreciate Dr. King's contributions, because in fact, I do. He was a good and decent man who worked peacefully for real change. He wasn't perfect he had his faults, but I have no problem honoring him. On the day we celebrate his birthday, people come out in mass numbers to put on plays and marches and speak in honor of his contribution to society.

How come I don't see marches and speeches on "President's Day?"

It's because nobody cares about the sacrifice of one white man who was perhaps one of the great military Generals of all time, a man who put his own life on the line and fought for freedom from tyranny and oppression.

It's because nobody cares about the rich white man who wrote the Declaration of Independence, donated his own personal library collection to begin the Library of Congress, was responsible for the adoption of the "dollar" as our primary monetary unit, and who devoted his entire life to public service.

It's because nobody cares about the poor, white, illiterate midwestern farmboy who rose against the odds to become a lawyer, legislator, and then President and was leader of this nation during the most turbulent time in American history.

Just like Dr. King, all three of these men had personal faults and weaknesses. That's what man is, he is fallible, he makes mistakes, he is not perfect. Surely we can see the past the mistakes of these men and realize the much greater issue is the extraordinary contributions they made to America. Surely we can look past the color of their skin and (as Dr. King once said) judge them for the content of their character. For when we do, we will find that they deserve no less than our respect and their rightful honorable place in this country's history.


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  2. Here is what I wrote in 2005 about the subject:

    This Day Will Live In Obscurity!

    Presidents Day? Hmmmm…. I guess this should mean more than just a day off.

    I mean, I am a patriotic American serving in the United States Armed Forces so I should do more on President’s Day than sit around with a couple of days growth on my face, lounge around in my pajamas, robe, slippers, and coffee mug, right?

    Well, in my defense, what are you really SUPPOSED to do on President’s Day? Come on, be honest. Unless you want to go buy furniture or a new car, I think this is pretty much an excuse not to work. I mean, come on, I’m in the freakin’ military and he’s my Commander In Chief and I’m at a loss to find a suitable observation for this holiday.

    You say it’s a time to reflect on the accomplishments of the Presidents? Or is it a combination of the old Washington and Lincoln birthday celebrations? (as I understand it, they had to be combined in order to make room for the MLK holiday). Or, could it be a sad commercialization for every schlep wanting an excuse for some big sale.

    The most egregious example was a computerized caricature of President Lincoln and President Washington teaming up to hawk carpet. The radio equivalent had them arguing about who should symbolize some furniture store sale: Lincoln because he is on the penny or Washington since he threw a silver dollar across the river. I nearly vomited.

    It was at this moment that I fully comprehended the bastardization of this holiday and take some of the blame for not giving a rat’s ass about the actual celebration. When they come up with a better gig that super sales for this holiday, I’ll lend it more of my attention.

    Until then, I’m gonna get some more coffee.

  3. Oh my that is a great post!!!