Thursday, February 02, 2006

Thursday ramblings...

I do not agree with arresting Cindy Sheehan at the House Gallery the other night but I do agree with booting her out for one reason--she is clearly an unstable person and a security risk. hat was Beverly Young thinking when she invited her? Well she wasn't thinking, but I bet next time she will.

I watched an episode of Law & Order recently that angered me. A woman had come to America from Afghanistan with her brother and parents, her father was a diplomatic attache in NYC. She left her family, began immensing herself into western culture and fell in love and became engaged to an American man who was also born and raised in Afghanistan. Because the woman had refused to marry the man her father pledged her to, the son of an important Afghani businessman, and because had dishonored the family by having sex with a man who was not her husband, the father forced his son to kill his sister. Then father and son dumped the body. The son, when caught, claimed he was proud to do it because it brought honor to his family. And then it came to light that in the Middle East, in one year 60% of the killings in Gaza were honor killings and that it is thought the more brutal the honor killing the more honor that is brought back to the family. In some areas, women are put in prison to protect them from the families who try to murder them.

The mother testified at her son's trial and later on, the son was convicted of murdering his sister, the father slit his wife's throat and left her in their hotel, while he fled back to Afghanistan.

And then it hit me that this has been going on forever. Not all men are like this but since the beginning of human era, men have dominated women, kept them submissive, kept them from education, from owning property, from having rights. Women were and are still today treated as second class citizens. Women in America do not generally receive the same rate of pay as men for the same job performed in the same amount of time.

There isn't a period in history where men weren't treating women as second-class citizens. It happened in every country in the world including America. Women were looked like slaves, they cooked, cleaned, had babies, took care of the children, and had absolutely no rights, no opinions, no voice. And in many parts of the world it is still like that. It would be like that in America today had there not been women strong enough to stand up and fight. As long as you can keep a person uneducated and dumb you can control them. I mean geez, it took this country 140 years to decide to give women the right to vote.

This isn't a "white man" thing either, it's an "every man" thing. I know not all men are like this, but for the most part, over the course of world history, most men were just like this. There are many in America like this and many many millions around the world.

In China, even though slowly the policies might be changing (probably because a shortage of girls will come back to haunt China in the future), it is said that abortion of baby girls is common place and 500,000 girls have disappeared through infanticide. Also, girls receive less care and attention and many do not survive past their first birthday. Households with more than one daughter and no sons are likely to cause the death of one of the daughters.

In Africa, young girls are orphaned, many beacuse of AIDS, and so they trade sex for money to take care of themselves and their siblings. Baby girls, young girls, teenagers and women are raped repeatedly by male members of the family, strangers and enemies from other tribes.

In the Middle East, men of the family require control over their women. Women are considered babymaking machines, they have no voice, no rights, no say in the matter. They have little education and are not allowed the right to own property. The men in the family control everything. Women who have been raped are put to death as a means of restoring honor to the family. Maintaining honor is the burden of the woman and she alone bears the consequences if something happens to her which brings dishonor even if she did not consent.

What gets me is the Muslim men who bring their families to America or come here alone and meet women native to their country and expect to continue the treatment of these women as they did back in the Middle East. These men want their freedom but the women in their family are not entitled to it. They are required to behave exactly as they did in their native country.

I am not angry with men in general, how could I be? Most men I know or have ever known are good decent family men who honor the women in their lives. It's just that when you look at the whole picture in general from the beginning of time to the present day, much has changed while sadly much has still remained the same.


  1. Anonymous2/03/2006

    I think it is important to put the abuses of women now and in the past in the proper perspective. Most of the abuse has come at the hands of non-Christians. Of course, there will always be people who say they are Christians that behave in this manner, but the Bible says "By their fruits we shall know them." The Bible clearly states how people-men, women or children should be treated. There are serious laws laid out in the Old Testament to punish those who would harm others including women. For instance, it talks of putting men who have raped to death. I think one reason women in America have achieved as much as they have is because this country was founded on Christian principles. Look at the Muslim countries. There have been no great or small advances for women. I believe you can tell a true religion from a false one by the way they treat all people. Everyone has value and worth in the eyes of God. We are all his creation and he sent his son to die and rise again for every single one of us. That even includes the Muslims. How sad it is that they have been brainwashed into a false religion and are living a miserable life because of it.--ST

  2. Good points. I have to say though that aside from abuse caused by religious instances, men of all religions have abused or controlled women over the course of humankind. Even in America, Christian men prohibited women from owning property, voting, or having any say in their destiny. Christian men are just as guilty as men in any other religion, that is in my opinion. For 140 years America was free but women could not vote, did not have the same rights as men. My point of view in this post was really coming from a gender-based point of view and not so much a religious based one. I don't hate men, you know that, and not all men are controlling, abusive, power hungry people, but let's admit it, many many men are. Why do you think neither party will back a woman President? I know the Republicans never would. Since the beginning of time men have dominated women. I can't believe it took me this long to figure it out. The world is run by men, the Bible was written by men, it's all dictated by MEN. It's pretty sad isn't it?

  3. Anonymous2/04/2006

    Actually the Bible is the inspired word of God. He did use men to write it though. But all through out the Bible you read about strong women of faith. For example, Deborah was a judge over Israel. Of course, this was not the norm. God did chose men to be in the leadership roles, but that doesn't diminish the role of women in the least little bit. I knew you weren't speaking from a religious standpoint, but I still feel Christian men treat women with respect. Most of them value women. True, women weren't allowed to vote. I consider that a cultural thing of the day. I don't really take issue with women not owning property. That was many years ago and an entirely different culture. Back then marriage was a bedrock of this country and married people were partners together. Each had a different but vital role to play. Yes women have more "freedoms" today, but where has it gotten us. It gives us the right to work both inside and outside the home. That means we are doing twice the work. It means that women are supposed to be able to take care of ourselves, so when men decide to take off and leave there is not the social stigma there once was. I think rather than have raised ourselves to the level of freedom and equality we have lowered ourselves down to a mans world. Just look at the way women behave. Going out to bars, cursing, drinking, sleeping around. Is that what we were looking for in equality? And I do think the republicans would back a women for President if she were in the mold of Margaret Thatcher.--ST

    PS. I also think a truly wise woman can totally control a man.

  4. Hey now you make good points. I think there are two types of Republicans, the extremely conservative close-minded and the normal ones LOL and I don't think the staunch, extremely religious right would ever vote for a woman. I just don't see it. Now I've been wrong before!!!

    As far as "where have the freedoms gotten us today?" I think that it has gotten us a lot! I think there's a big difference between the rights endowed on women (same as Men) by our Creator and the sexual freedom brought by the 1960's feminist revolution. They are totally and completely different!

    Where have my freedoms gotten me?

    I enjoy the same God-given rights as any man in my family.

    One major difference between men and women is their sense of justice. Women by nature seem more merciful and forgiving than men. Now I think the genders have their own distinct wonderful qualities which makes them inherently different but I think the merciful and forgiving quality makes women excellent leaders. Women can be strong and tough yet merciful at the same time.

    I don't think men and women could ever be equal in the "characteristics" sense because how we are made up biologically dictates that and I believe there's an obvious reason why men and women have to be different, they complement each other and that is the only way they could co-exist.


  5. Anonymous2/04/2006

    I totally agree that men and women compliment each other. That is the way God created us. The problem I see with the feminist movement is that it can not separate itself from the sexual revolution. They may have started out as two separate things, but they have merged into one horrid movement. I guess the old saying is true. Politics makes strange bed fellows. Now you know I am a radical right wing Christain conservative and I would vote for a women. But I'm telling you she would have to be in the mold of Margaret Thatcher. If Condi Rice is pro-life, I would vote for her. I like her stance on international policies. She beats the socks off any men I've heard bantered around lately. I certainly hope someone good comes out of the woodwork, because I'm not liking anyone I've heard mentioned-Democrat or Republican. By the way, my husband and son would both vote for a conservative women over a liberal anyday and you just don't get more conservative than our family.

    luv ya--ST

  6. You're conservative but you're not a right wing whacko Susan!

    I don't want someone too conservative or too liberal. But you have to understand I'm an Independent. I no longer vote along party lines like I used to. I believe that any time we vote solidly along party lines we are setting ourselves up for big problems.

  7. Anonymous2/06/2006

    Don't fall off your chair. I have voted for a Democrat before. I vote for the candidate that shares my view point.--ST