Saturday, February 18, 2006

Today's the day...

Today my friend Jenn comes over with her cat carrier and we load up Frank the wonderful cat and take him to the county's Animal Services. Now before you get all upset, I did my homework to be sure he wouldn't face chance of being euthanized. Animal Services will scan Frank for a chip, then do an evaluation on health and temperament. They will hold him for three days and then I will call the Humane Society in three days and they will go pick up Frank and bring him back to their shelter. Thank goodness it is a "no kill" shelter. They said they house animals for life if need be. (Can you imagine those poor babies in a shelter their entire lives? I just can't fathom it). I believe Frank will be adopted because he is so sweet.

Frank has been with us a week now, at least at our house. I still say it's a possibility that this is the same cat that's been lurking this entire area for a few years now but I can't be sure. It doesn't matter though, he deserves a home where he doesn't wander.

I finally got him into the house. We have a screen door and when we had him in the house the other day and he ran out through the screen it tore the screen out from the bottom. Well he kept meowing at the door so I'd sit in the house and call him in and now he knows to come in through the small flap of the broken screen.

Some things are eating at me like what if Frank has a real home and he just likes to hang here? What if he doesn't get into a better home? Should we have kept him?

I have slight cat allergies, I have to be careful not to touch my face with my hands after petting any animal, because the dander will make my eyes water, my throat scratchy and my nose stuffy. I notice though even after taking precautions, sometimes after petting Frank I get just slightly a stuffy nose, but see I am usually out ther with him early in the morning and in the early evening when it's cool so I'm not sure Frank's causing it.

DH and I just aren't ready for the responsibility but you know I'll admit last night I thought I heard meowing, and checked the door several times to see if he was out there. I guess I am used to him. This morning we played, he finally came into the house through the screen several times to be petted and didn't seem to mind the screen door being closed (unlike the other night when he was anxious to get out!). I think he's finally becoming used to us. I have things to do so I closed the front door so he can't come in through the screen (I worry if he might have fleas although I didn't notice any). And I looked out a bit ago and he's still standing right next to the door.

I have to wonder if I am doing the right thing.

And wouldn't you know it? This morning DH goes out to the laundry room to put some clothes in the washer and when he opens the door a gray cat comes running out! Now he doesn't recall if this is the same gray cat we've seen lurking the area in the past few years but I have to wonder. Because the only two cats we've ever seen were gray and the one that looks like Frank. And that makes me wonder, am I being too hasty in taking Frank in? I'm so confused. I don't want to get too attached because it'll be hard for Frank but at the same time, am I doing a better thing fo rhim by sending him away to a better home?

By the way I have been wanting to try and fit some volunteer work into my schedule and I wanted to do something for people and something for animals. I think that I will try and volunteer some time at the Humane Society helping with the animals. The local PetSmart also has a program where volunteers can walk and play with homeless animals, I am guessing maybe the Humane Society transports them over there. DH and I contribute quite a bit to the Humane Society by bringing things to their thrift store every few weeks. Thanks to donations of goods to the Humane Society thrift store, they raised over $100,000 last year, isn't that amazing?

I'll let you know how it goes today...

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  1. Anonymous2/18/2006

    Of course, you know I was pulling for you to keep the kitty, but I certainly understand the allergy and time issues. The next best thing to Frank staying with you is what you are doing with him. I think he will easliy find a home and be a very happy kitty. I know you are as big of a sap for animals as I am. My own precious kitty is the product of a pregnant stray that was dumped on my door. Keep me posted.--ST