Saturday, February 18, 2006

Update on Frank...

Well Jenn was here and gone, and Frank never showed up. He must have known. In talking to Jenn and DH I think we all decided it would be best to begin feeding Frank less and less and hope he goes on his way. He's been gone all day, I think he has a home somewhere. He appears to love the outdoors and so I hate for him to be stuck in a cage for three days and then stuck in that cathouse they have at the Animal Shelter, I mean he wouldn't be caged there, he could roam in the house but still.....he appears to love being outside. So he got a reprieve this week. I hope he goes back home soon though. He seems well-fed and he's not eating much here. Jenn thinks if he begins looking sickly that might be a sign he doesn't have a home, but chances are that he does and is ok. We'll see. So for now, he remains, maybe he just picked here to hang out on a temporary basis. The one thing is I hope it's not a female who isn't spayed...we don't need kittens around here...


  1. Anonymous2/18/2006

    I like your plan. He may have a home and just enjoy visiting you. Male cats will roam! I also hope he is a Frank. Have you ever watched the Disney/Haley Mills movie "That Darn Cat"? Maybe that's what you have on your hands. For some reason I have picked up an odd attachment to this cat story. Good luck. Just think maybe you could reap the benefits of a cat without the responsibilities of owning him :)

  2. Yeah I like this plan too. This morning he meowed at 6:30 a.m. but I didn't get up LOL. I did eventually get up and put some food out there, not as much as I usually do, and he ate much of it, then he wanted to be petted and began perusing the overgrown azalea tree where all the birds hang out. He likes to watch them. So for now it's less stressful, I hated the thought of him cooped up inside, he seems so, well an outside kinda guy. You know the local vet hospital said it would cost about $150 for shots, spay/neuter and the leukemia/IFV exams. Hell, if I had that kind of $$ floating around right now, I'd do it, at least the little guy wouldn't have any worries about catching anything or populating the area with more kittens.

  3. It was probably fate. He may have a home with an owner who loves him dearly and if he would have been sent to the shelter the owner would never have known. Cats are very independent

  4. I know, it's so hard to remember that!!! I just hope he doesn't have fleas. I got bit by something outside, and it made me itch, while I was watering the birds outside yesterday morning. I hope that cat doesn't have fleas that bit me when I petted him. I checked his fur on top and I didn't see any...

    BTW he was out there this mornin at 5 am waiting to eat. I let him eat and then picked up his food bowl when I wen tto work. If he has a home i'd like to get him away from eating at our house. He was hungry because this morning he began eating as soon as i put the food out!

  5. Anonymous2/20/2006

    My vet says you will rarely see a flea on a cat. That doesn't mean they don't have them. They usually lick them off and swallow them while grooming. My cat is allergic to fleas and if she gets one flea she licks compulsively causing bald patches in her fur. Isn't that lovely!--ST