Wednesday, February 15, 2006

When justice just seems so perfect...

Let's face it, there are some real assholes in the world, people who think they know everything, who make threats, make fun of others, call them vile, dirty, disgraceful names, things that would make most adults turn red. Gee, you'd think a "mature" (and I use the term loosely) woman in her thirties would have more decency. Guess again. There are a lot of people like this in the world.

I find that behavior repulsive and it really does show you a lot about that person. They'll tell you they aren't insecure and that they don't care what others think. Yeah whatever. Trust me, they care. They had a screwed up life and they make up for their insecurity by taking it out on other people. Yeah they might attempt to convince others that their shit doesn't stink but oh yeah it does, it reeks!

I'll be honest, I'm not a mean person by nature but I got caught up in a little of that behavior occasionally, for the sake of friendship, and I didn't like who I was becoming, not one bit. So, I decided to go back to being the real Jess people knew and loved, and I dropped everything and everyone that was a part of me becoming that way. I just realized I don't have to impress anyone by being someone I'm not and there is no friendship that is worth sacrificing one's own morals , values, and soul.

But in my quest to be a better person maybe I'm still deranged just a teeny bit because I recently had that feeling of satisfaction when I learned that someone who is a really cruel, nasty and spiteful bitch is now getting it thrown back at her.

Maybe it's not nice to think that way but then again I am a Libra and by nature we have an extreme sense of justice.


  1. Anonymous2/16/2006

    I've never met a person yet who doesn't get pleasure out of seeing a real jerk get what they deserve. At the present moment, I can think of a few people that I would like to see get back a little of the treatment they have given others. Don't get me started!--ST

  2. Mom always said, "What goes around, comes around." Don't lower your morals for the sake of others.

  3. Amen sistahs! I just got tired of the crap, and I do mean CRAP. Some pretty mean crap is being said about the individual I am referring to, but I hate to say it but "life's a bitch, you reap what you sow".