Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Bowl is going to suck...

...yep, it's when the National Anthem gets butchered all to hell. Whoever decided it was peachy to get Aaron Neville and Aretha Franklin to sing the National Anthem should have their stupid friggin' heads examined. It SUCKED. It was one of THE worst renditions I have EVER heard. In fact, both of them, the NFL, and whoever put that shit together should be tied to trees and FLOGGED.


It's Motown for God's sake. You mean to tell me there were NO Motown or artists available for the entertainment festivities?

And the Stones? The Stones? They are old and tired and frankly they sound like shit. I have to seriously wonder what goes through the mind of the morons who plan the pre-game and half-time shows.

Thank God for Law & Order on Bravo network because after that, and after watching that and some of the first quarter I just couldn't take it.

The only regret I have about not watching the Super Bowl is the commercials....I missed them....but wait a minute, hold that thought I can watch them online so uh....belay my last comment....I have no regrets.The episode of Law & Order I watched last night wasn't all that exciting but it sure beat the hell out of ABC's lineup.

And by the way, I watched the pre-game honoring of the former Super Bowl MVP's last night and of course several weren't there including MY all-time favorite former Notre Dame Fighting Irishman, San Francisco 49'er from Monongahela, PA....Joe Montana. No he wasn't there but he is definitely worth an honorable mention one of my favorite photos that I got when I was a senior in high school in 1986. This is the only one I will post, because I try to forget I have another autographed photo of him wearing a....(Kansas City Chiefs) jersey....those are days I choose to forget!

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  1. Anonymous2/06/2006

    You are so right. That was one of the worst renditions I have ever heard of the Star Spangled Banner. I did enjoy the game though. I'm glad the Steelers won. I wish it had been Tampa Bay again, but I'll survive.--ST