Tuesday, February 21, 2006

You mean all along it wasn't ME?

Elementary schools in Santa Monica California and Washington State have banned the game of tag out of concerns for physical and emotional injuries.

School officials are concerned that students might be roughed up or worse, their self-esteem might be harmed.

Well damn!

I'm feeling left out now and I'm somewhat angry. How could my parents and teachers put my emotional and physical well-being in harm's way by allowing me to play tag in school?

I mean oh my GOD do you know what kind of damage was probably done? All my adult life I have wondered "what's wrong with me?" I am not rich, I don't have the job of my dreams, haven't finished my college education, married late, don't have kids, and I am insecure about all kinds of things. I paid decent money to a psychologist to find out what my problem is and still we haven't figured out why I can't "get it together". I was beginning to think that my problems stemmed from the way I dealt with life and that I was just going about it all wrong. I had heard that happy people are the ones who take responsibility for their own lives and create their own destiny. So figured what the hell? Maybe that's the ticket!

Well imagine my surprise today when I found out that I really am not responsible for my own destiny, that the reason I am lacking in life is because my parents and teachers let me play tag in school.

Now the question is, who can I sue and how much can I get?


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  2. http://apoeticjustice.blogspot.com/

  3. And you know what's the shit-covered cherry on top?

    I'M STILL IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!