Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Just when I thought...

I'd seen or heard it all, there's really just one more thing that surprises the crap out of me. And in New Jersey the assemblymen there must have all their real pressing issues taken care of because someone has way too much time on his hands. Please tell me that this ridiculous pathetic attempt at legislation is just a really bad joke. I mean it's in Jersey so anything is possible.

This yahoo Assemblyman Peter Biondi is attempting to push through legislation that would require anyone posting a message on an internet chat or discussion forum to identify themselves with a legal name or address and that any ISP's will be held responsible for defamatory remarks made by persons on those sites.

Good grief!


  1. Peter Biondi is an asshole.

    -- Anonymous

  2. How did he make it to state office w/o learning anything about free speech?