Saturday, March 11, 2006

And then more on Peepers...

When we got Peepers home yesterday she was real quiet, sleeping in her cage, we left her in there and let her out Saturday morning. She was awake and happy to be out. The thing is that her behavior changed somewhat. It seems where she only wanted to step a few feet into our house and look around and then run out before, now she came in and stayed awhile. I mean she took to this pillow my mom knitted years ago and she slept on it for hours. She just plopped herself on it on the floor and then later she jumped on the futon. She even came into the bedroom and jumped on the window seat that looks outside. She attempted to get on the bed and I squirted her with this green water bottle. No way, NO bed for her. I still have cat allergies!
She stayed in the house most of the day. So DH and I went out and got Peepers a scratching post, a litter pan, and a little bed. We'd been waiting all day long for this girl to call us. We wanted to go to dinner then on the way home we wanted to see the place. Well we decided to leave Kitty in the house while we were gone. She was sleeping on the pillow on the futon when we left but when we got home hours later, she was sleeping on our bed on pillows!! Now we can't have that!! I squirted her so she'd get off the bed.

DH and I talked of keeping her because she was getting used to being inside the house, thanks to being in that cage for so long. But the thing is that I noticed she'd also scratched on a piece of wood on the wall in the house, not bad, but I noticed it. I began to worry 1) how will I keep my allergies down if she gets all over the furniture and 2) what if she scratches up the new place?

I am not sure what to do. She's a two year old cat, who I think could be adopted out easily, but what if she's not? Here we have a no-kill shelter and the people at the humane society promised me that she'd never be euthanized if she's healthy. Do we take her to Animal Services and then let the humane society take her? Or do we just rough it?

Just not sure what to do. I don't believe a cat should be left outdoors, and this one liked being inside, yet my allergies act up, even from the cat litter.

She's so sweet, what do I do?

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