Thursday, March 16, 2006

At first I thought this bill was ok...

.....until I read through it.

Florida Senate Bill 28:

"An act relating to public K-12 educational instruction;amending s.1003.42, F.S.; revising provisions relating to required instruction and courses of study in the public schools; including study of the history of the United States and free enterprise; requiring standards and asessments adopted by the State Board of Education to conform; providing requirements for the teaching and assessment of the history of the United States;amending s.12 1003.43, F.S., relating to general requirements for high school graduation; including study of the Declaration of Independence; amending s.15 1002.20, F.S.;conforming a cross-reference; providing an effective date."

At first I thought hey it's about time they set down some ground rules and mandate that schools teach our Constitution, especially the Bill of Rights and teach the Declaration of Independence and the Federalist papers, natural sovereignty, limited government, free enterprise, civil government, relationships between federal, state and local governments, and the history of this country from discovery to present minus the revisionist and postmodernist theories. This is a great basis for becoming a responsible citizen!

But I thought kids were already supposed to be learning these things in civics, american history and world history classes in public schools. Well when I was in school yeah, but not now. I have no idea what kids are learning now but it's not this stuff, maybe at the AP and IB levels but not at the average levels. I think kids need to learn about the government that strips their parents paychecks of taxes, and the country whose president or other elected representatives they may very well be choosing the year after they graduate from high school.

The bill also includes a caveat about teaching the history of women, african-americans and hispanics and their contributions to this country.

No I don't have a problem with the that, it's the fact that the schools have to be mandated to do it and that it's listed separately from "American History" in this bill. I believe that American History encompasses ALL American History including that of women, hispanics, and blacks (I'm sorry I don't believe in the term African-American because they are not African).

Aside from that there are things in this bill that made me say "what?"

For instance the pc-oriented "character development" program that is supposed to begin in Kindergarten and extend to 12th grade. This program mandates that children be taught patriotism, responsibility, citizenship, the Golden Rule, kindness, respect for authority, respect for life, liberty and personal property, honesty, abstinence until marriage, charity, self-control, racial, ethnic and religious tolerance, and cooperation.

Holy Cow! Stop the presses!!

Every single thing on this list was taught by parents when I was in school. Even my grandparents would admit that these are things that were first learned at home. If I had kids I would be upset to learn that the school might be teaching values different from my own. For instance, schools around the US right now are teaching --no-- forcing Muslim culture on students but yet the children are not allowed to learn Jewish, Christian or other cultures. It's all out of respect and tolerance of course.

Of course I'll give some credit that the bill allows students to be exempted from reproductive health courses through written parental permission, it's absurd that it is being taught in schools in the first place.

The bottom line is that the reason these values are being taught in school is because they're not being taught at home. What scares me is when the children of this country get a government funded "indoctrination" and the time when all of their core values will be covered in the schools. The schools are teaching these children what they feel is acceptable. It may not at all be in line with what parents would do!

I wonder if it'll pass. I hate to say it but I'm on the fence. Something tells me I should not back this one.

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  1. I think the basics of reproductive health should be taught as part of biology, because so many children don't even know what is going on with their bodies. It's possible to explain how babies are made without endorsing (or opposing) premarital sex, and dispel the illusions abou, "well, she can't get pregnant the first time,"or "if I pull out," etc. I've always been opposed to organized prayer in schools - I want my children to spend their time on fractions and spelling (and handwriting!!!) and science and such... they spend so much time practicing perfect "bubbles" for their standardized tests now... and my children are way ahead of the curve, I really worry about those that could have been helped by more actual education and less pc-values-feel-good stuff...

    children are still dying when they're supposed to be watched by DHS in TN, and we're arguing over abstinence education? This is not a good country for children...maybe better than many, but we're by no means perfect...

    Geez,I'm rambling - up waaaay past bedtime...