Thursday, March 02, 2006

A cuppla things...

First and foremost, it's not news if we already know it. Hello? Who didn't know that President Bush and company were aware ahead of time of the potential dangers facing New Orleans?

I mean DUH, what person-with-a-hint-of-a-brain in America didn't know they knew?

Oh ok, forget that one.

Tell me something I don't know, like why and how our favorite hershey flavored Mayor Nagin and Governor whats-her-face screwed up the preparation and evacuation process so friggin bad. First thing that comes to mind to me is oh--say--flooded schoolbuses which lie in a state of ruin and why on earth did they send all those poor folks over to the Superdome and Downtown Center? And that is just the beginning. I'm just not even going to go into it.

Second, my day would not be complete without my daily dose of Heather & Jessica's rantings at Go Fug Yourself

They make me laugh my ass off.

Except for the daily dose of sheeple I am forced to surround myself with during the course of my work week, which actually can be quite amusing when you just sit back and watch them all implode and self destruct, the gals at GFY are some of the best laughs I get during the week. My God that's not saying much about my life is it?

Before you think I'm a paid promoter of GFY, I'm not. It's just that I really enjoy a good dose of humor especially when it's at someone else's expense. I simply love to indulge in mocking those celebrities who think they are "it" when it comes to fashion. It's sick isn't it? But hey it takes the heat off me, after all I still wear white shoes after Labor Day.

Just don't tell anyone ok?

And one more thing I'm adding in here. I was perusing blogs in my area toda when I came across this 18 year old chick's blog. She's 18, in high school, getting ready to graduate and her entire blog revolves around these friends of hers, her high school classes (what's so wrong with that right?) , starting college here in the fall, and her boyfriend Kyle who she is having sex with.

I have three words for her.

You're an idiot!

You have your whole life ahead of you and you're throwing it away banging some loser?

Her parents have no friggin clue this is going on under their roof. They're stupid too. Enjoy college, yes you will learn a lot. More than you ever bargained for.

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  1. Heh. I'd been there before, and forgotten how funny they are ;) I adore good snark.