Saturday, March 11, 2006

Checking out the new place

Well this deserved a separate post. DH and I waited ALL week for the girl who rents the place we want to rent, to call us for a time to meet her on Saturday.

Finally the realtor called us at 2:30 and said they hadn't heard from her either so we'd have to take care of it Monday. Meanwhile DH and I decided to go out to a favorite restaurant of ours in that area and on the way home we stopped at the place. Lo and behold there was an SUV out front loaded with stuff. Turns out she had called us while we were out and left a message that she'd be there.

We got to see the place, it's HUGE. What on earth will we do with all that room? Hell we don't even have enough furniture! We need a dining table, chairs, a place for our TVG and stereo equipment, just bookcases and tables, and somethign to sit on. We only have ONE futon, I wanted to put that in the bedroom. Yeah we have some work to do.

The place has three large bedrooms, and three HUGE walk-in closets, two bathrooms, everything is clean for the most part. The master bath has that garden tub, too bad it's stained a bit. The girl who lives there said that when she rented it, nobody had lived in it for awhile and the water was brown and thus stained the tub when first turned on. That sucks, it's a nice tub.

I wont' complain about the huge space because I know that a blog-friend Samantha Alice keeps reminds me "it could be worse" and puts me rightly in my place. Thanks Sam!

Well now all we have to do is give the realtor our $1000 deposit and get our key so we can move stuff in soon. We'll probably have the power turned on soon before we move in so we can clean up the place.

Moving sucks. My back's been giving me trouble, I think it's a pinched nerve and my plantar fasciitis (fallen arches) really hurt if I'm on my feet too much. We are going to have to have help in this, maybe some of my students, friends of ours. In the meantime the girl said that we are welcome to get moving with putting some of our stuff in there so we can be moved out of here by the end of hte month.

Remember that post a few days ago about LL calling me and telling me his girlfriend wants to move in as soon as we're out. She can move in April 1st and we are NOT giving him any more rent. In fact he could be a nice guy and give us the last month's rent we gave him when we moved in almost five years ago. That rent should have been THIS MONTH'S rent which we paid back on March 1st. I'd like that back!

We'll keep you posted!!!


  1. Anonymous3/12/2006

    Hi Jess, I've been tied up with my sister's wedding, so I haven't been able to keep up with your situation. I'm glad things are working out so well for you. It sounds like you have found a great deal. Just remember on the lack of furniture, you are still trying to pay off your debt. It is highly possible that powder comet will remove that brown water stain in the bath tub. I'd at least give it my best shot. Otherwise, just add a lot of bubbles and you'll never see it while your soaking. As far as Ms. Peepers, if you have cat allergies I wouldn't let her in the house. It may be mild to start with, but intensify later and you will have a difficult time getting rid of all the cat dander. I think she could be perfectly happy outside. Remember that's where animals lived before we started domesticating them. Good luck with your move and may God bless your new home with as much joy as the last. (or even more)

  2. Congrats on finding a good place! Good luck with your move, I know how much of an ordeal that is!

    BTW, you might want to try CLR for the tub stains. Sounds like rust or iron stains. We have well-water, and it is hard to get all of the sediment out even with a filter. We found CLR to work like a charm. :-)

  3. Toldja something even better would come along...