Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Gee can't wait can ya?

I got a call at work today from LL.

"Hey Jess, so how are things going? Any progress yet on that place you looked at?"

"Well we're working on it, we have to see the inside Saturday and then the realtor can run our credit applications for the lease. Why do you ask, anything new?" Yes I admit, I secretly hoped he'd say she decided not to take the place.

"Well [insert girlfriend's name here] would like to move in as soon as you guys move out."

"Really?" I ask. Damn! The body isn't even cold yet!

The lease has a clause that we can break it early, with an additional months rent (in addition to the last months' rent we paid when we moved in of course) so he was telling me yesterday that we will have to pay that additional month but we could pay it back however we could, he's cool with payments.

Today I told him that the current tenant's lease is up March 31st and that the owner might need some time to clean it up and that maybe the 15th of April we'd be moved in there. He said we would still pay all of April's rent but he'd prorate it and give us back what we didn't use. So I wonder, if we move out March 31st and his girlfriend is moving in do we really need to pay him that additional month? And oh yeah he's giving us our $100 security deposit back because he didnt' see any damage. Of course not, we take damn good care of that place. He said that he'd only keep the deposit if we left anything there that needed to be hauled off. I'm like "yeah RIIIIIGHT! you don't even clean up your own place and you're worried about us leaving shit behind?"

I mean this guy doesn't throw anything away. Our place is immaculate. How dare he?

Let me tell you something. When we moved in there WE cleaned that friggin cottage. I washed the floors, windows, countertops, stove, cabinets, fridge, DH and I cleaned it all on our own. So LL should be damn lucky we're leaving it in better shape than we found it.

I am angry and I am sad that I will never see my cardinals, blue jays, crows, woodpeckers, robins, tufted titmouses, squirrels, raccoons, foxes, wild turkeys and possums ever again, that I will never sit at our picnic table amidst the trees and hear that soft gentle breeze blowing ever again, and angry that DH and I will never be abel to take long walks down our private drive amidst the tree canopy and pass the three neighbors homes we've become so familiar with.

Today I was thinking about the day that LL offered to sell to us last year for $100,000 for the five wooded acres and $40,000 for the cottage and we turned him down because we felt that was just too damned much. And I am wondering what he is selling it to his girlfriend for. I would be so pissed if he sold it to her for less.

I hate change and I hate that this had to happen so soon. DH and I have lived there since just after we got married almost five years ago. Damnit why is it I am going to miss that place so much? Is it just the wildlife or the lifestyle? This place grew on us, we love it. Even DH admits it, he's going to miss it terribly. It's not just a house to us, it's been our "home" and now it won't be and it's sad.

DH and I like to believe everything happens for a reason. I suppose there's a very good reason behind this. I know we will find happiness in our new rented place but this first one will always have a soft spot in our hearts. Maybe someday our little cottage in the woods will come back to us for keeps. Who knows?


  1. Jess, you can come over to my place. We have lots of tufted titmice and a few fox squirrels that my dog enjoys chasing around the yard!

  2. I love fox squirrels, I haven't seen one here in a couple of years. :)

  3. OK, that's it. This schmuck (LL) is calling you and trying to get you out asap??? Now you don't have to pay him a cent! In all actuality he is breaking the lease by trying to get you to move out sooner than August. Don't pay this guy one red cent. In fact, you could tell him you've decided to stay until the lease is up unless he lets you out of it free and clear. Turn this shit around and put it on him. His girlfriend wants to move in as soon as possible? How much is it worth to him??
    Listen to your mother.

  4. ROFL. Thanks ma. He's not forcing us out. He asked me when we were leaving so she can move in. And yes I listen to my mother, she's a very smart lady :)

  5. Exactly my point yesterday.

  6. Home is where your heart is. We're switching from a 3270SF home on 10 acres to a 750Sf apt, and it will be home, because we have each other and we have our health and we have our family. Yes, I'll miss the deer, and the porch swing, and all the shelves and custom built-in's we've done... but home is where our family is. You'll make whatever new place you end up in your home, as long as you bring your love with you.

    Everything will work out. You may not see it until after you're through it, but it will work out, and you'll find peace again...