Monday, March 06, 2006

Getting somewhere...

You know I have to wonder what's up when the average rent for a house in this county is $1300. I mean even the thirty year old homes are nearly $1,000 per month. It's the property taxes going up and the housing boom.

DH and I searched all over and found ONE place. The lease is up April 1st on this one. It's a doublewide 1999 Fleetwood with 2 bedrooms and 2 baths and a large kitchen and living area. It also has a covered deck and front porch. It's on five acres along with a large storage room/workshop and a few other out buildings. Rent's only $625 per month. It has quiet, plenty of trees, a decent rent. THe only thing it's lacking is high speed internet access. It even has a satellite dish. We took a look at the outside the other day and it looks nice, just like new. We peeked inside and it looks so clean, much like the photos we saw on the internet. Fleetwood is top of the line in manufactured homes and this is in a nice rural area.

It's about 20 minutes from here, more towards my parents house in the country, hell it's only about 15 minutes from them. It's an extra 20 minute drive to work though going up our old route, and well with school after hours we'll have to work something out. DH has class at 6:30 pm twice a week and we would get home around 4:15, so he'd be home only an hour before he'd have to leave again. I have class at 7 pm once a week so I have a little longer to relax. My professor has been a good friend to me for a long time so I think she understands I am going through a lot and not quite focusing on my schooling right now, but I will finish this term and I will earn yet another "A" in her class. DH should do fine, he handles stress better than me.

Where do we stand on the app process? Well, we have the app fee ready all we're waiting on is the girl who lives there to come down from Jax where she lives now and show us around. She's not the owner, he lives in Altamonte Springs, which is a few hours south of here. We have to do an official visit at the place before the realtor can run our applications, then pay the security deposit after we're approved. So now we just have to wait on the tenant, I wish we didn't have to wait so damn long. Saturday seems so far away.

So..while we're waiting this week, we'll keep our eyes out for something else in case a better deal comes our way but so far this is it. I and once we're approved we can get them the $1,000 security deposit and we will probably move in April sometime, breaking our lease here but there's a provision in it for that, we just have to pay him a months' extra rent.

I called our landlord who lives next door and we discussed our need to break the lease. Secretly I hoped he'd say his girlfriend doesn't want to buy it but she still does. Wouldn't it be something if they broke up? If we had a security deposit paid on this new place and LL wanted us to stay I'd say "sign a two year binding lease with us and give us 6 months rent free to make up for hte deposit we just lost" and that woudl be the only way we'd stay.

It was a really long day today, I mean really long. I have to go and iron something to wear tomorrow, shower and go to sleep soon.

Thanks for all your good thoughts, I love you all!


  1. Glad you found a place. Hope it all works out. Moves coming out of the blue suck.

  2. That sounds like a deal, even if it is a *manufactured* home (keep repeating that over and over until it is natural.

    Seriously, on some land, clean and best of all affordable. That's worth a whoo-hoo!

    I'd really press the landlord to waive the penalty for breaking the lease. I mean, he's the one who wants you out so he can sell the place. What kind of asshole would stick ya for leaving once you could find a good deal?