Sunday, March 19, 2006

Just more "stuff"...

DH and I drove to the new rental place today, and as we suspected nobody had been there all weekend. Which does confirm our earlier suspicions that when the current tenant left the place last Saturday she left all the damn windows open--ALL WEEK LONG. OMG is she insane? What if someone had broken in?

When we went inside today, the smell wasn't as bad in the kitchen, it's slowly going away but trust me it needs help. We are going to have to really clean that kitchen out. It's not filthy or anything but some bleach and renuzits and baking soda will clear out the odors. Also in one of the bedrooms it smells like animals. I bet she had her cat in there. That whole place needs airing out!

Also, we noticed a pile of mail on the counter that had been there yesterday. I glanced at it and this is amazing---there is mail there from September 2005 that is NOT for her but for the former tenant and the owner! There are checks there!! I can't friggin believe she never forwarded that stuff to them or even made a note to the postmaster so they could pick it up and return it! If someone held on to my mail like that I'd be pissed!! I can't imagine anyone but her put that mail there, to my knowledge the owner hasn't been here and I certainly think if he had been, he wouldn't have left the windows open. We know nobody had been there since the time we got there Saturday morning.

I'm amazed at people ya know? First off, DH and I are clean people and not only will we clean the hell out of that place when we move in but it will be shining when we move out in fourteen months. Also, we would never damage the place intentionally and if we did accidentally damage something we would tell the owner right away!! And if we ever got someone else's mail we would return it to the postman immediately! I can't imagine the kind of person who just doesn't give a damn like that ya know?

.....Editing in 3/21:

Ok, all is well and we're moving in as scheduled April 1st!!

More to come!


  1. Anonymous3/19/2006

    Sad to say, some people don't care about things that don't belong to them. Robert was offered a job with the border patrol a few years ago, but we turned it down. It would have meant moving to Texas and renting our house out while we were gone. I just couldn't stand the thought of someone in my house, not knowing if they would take care of it or not. I'm sure things are going to work out well for ya'll. Good luck!--ST

  2. Wal Mart carries some stuff called "Out! Pet stain and odor remover" or elimnator or destroyer or some such - it's natural bacteria and enzymes, AND IT WORKS!!! really works!!! Good luck...

  3. On one hand, maybe they realized how bad it smelled so left the windows open to air it out. They probably think because they moved out - there's nothing in there to steal (except of course the mail - totally different story).

    Consider yourself lucky to have sense beyond your means (at the current time). That's a joke by the way.

    It really does make you wonder, though, how such a big segment of society can be such so narcissistic.

  4. Sam I am going to check out that stuff, LD--doesn't that mail think just get your goat? I mean mail from eight months ago is sitting there, why not forward it?