Sunday, March 05, 2006

Iincompetent government worker

Someone at Social Security is the head incompetent asshole of the year!

Dad gets these letters from SS right? Telling him that he's not disabled enough to get his SSDI. Then he gets a lump sum deposit in his account the other day and turns out that it's his SSDI. Apparently they approved him back on JANUARY 1st and NOBODY TOLD HIM. What we're wondering is WHY THE REJECTION LETTERS? Does someone NOT know what's going on? Yes I know this is the federal government and I should be kicked in the ass for asking.

Anyway, Aetna will now cut his long term disability to a whopping $138 per month. They'll give him 15 days from the time he gets his notice of SSDI till he has to pay back the overpayment of $2500 which is near two months worth of his long term disability. Sure they take their friggin time getting him his money but when they want theirs back, it's fifteen days!


Either way, he's approved and all is back to normal. And he's even walkign on the treadmill now, he sounds great. I hope this is a good beginning for he and mom, they deserve it, they are the best parents anyone could ever have!



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