Friday, March 10, 2006

More on the cat situation..

Well we took Frank aka Kitty Kat, aka Peepers akaa Chicago (uh..he's actually a "she"), to be spayed today at the local vet clinic across the street from where we live. See, we figure that if Peepers is going to hang around, she might as well be fixed. Well I finally got her into the cage in the house and she meowed all night long. I hated hearing her cry but really I knew it was only temporary. I took her up there today and asked them to give her a leukemia vaccination ($17). Her catnip comes with a distemper and rabies shot already. Thanks to Operation Catnip, we have one less feral cat on the street and it only cost me $17.

In the meantime, while Peepers is sleeping, we are still waiting for a call from th girl who is renting that place we want to rent out in the country. I can't understand what is so friggin hard about giving us a simple phone call letting us know when we can meet her there and see the place.

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