Sunday, March 12, 2006

Movin' on up and out...

What is it about guys and rubbermaid totes? DH went to Home Depot and bought us 40 super huge rubbermaid totes so we can use them instead of boxes to move our stuff. I can bet you before this move is over we wind up with 40 more totes. I just see it coming, trust me.

Now we spent all day today packing up stuff. I packed up the two large bookcases in the living room, all the breakables and books, the kitchen utensils and kitchenware we don't need and so far we've filled 14 totes full of stuff.

When we moved into this place it was just 500 square feet with four stone walls, cold tile floors, dirty windows in need of dressing, and cobwebs hanging from the rafters.With us it became livable, cozy and a memorable first place to live after we got married.

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