Saturday, March 25, 2006

Moving sucks!

I know why I hate moving, it takes so much damned time and energy and everything else you have to do goes by the wayside during the moving period!

DH and I spent a few hours cleaning the new place yesterday afternoon. Yeah we could wait for the current tenant to do it, but really we needed to get out stuff in and didn't mind. I cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms and he vacuumed the carpets. The place really looks great. Whereas before we had apprehensions about moving in, we are looking forward to it now. I hope she will be willing to part with her two couches she left there. They are beautiful soft and comfortable couches and I'd like to have them. And they go really well with the decor. I left her a phone message letting her know that when she comes down from Jax she doesn't have to take them back with her (hint hint!). Hey if she takes them, she takes them. We still have our futon.

I am so tired, I've been cleaning and I am tired and not looking forward to moving yet more stuff tomorrow.

All I have to say is this is IT. This is our second rental place since we got married and this is the last one. Nex time we move it's for good. It is SUCH a pain in the ass!

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