Friday, March 31, 2006

OMG Peepers is gone!

I am so upset. DH and I moved the rest of our stuff this morning. We started at 5 am and ended about 11 am. We brought Peepers with us in the kat karrier all morning so she'd be with us. Well when we got here and were done, I put her on the picnic table that she loves so much, I opened the karrier and she walked away nosing around the trees and stuff.

I haven't seen her since 11 am this morning. I am sick to my stomach. I can't believe she's gone.


  1. Do you recall how many stories we've heard about pets finding their way home through unbelievably difficult circumstances? Remember, she is unfamiliar with the area you've brought her to, but given a little time she will probably find her way back to you. I can't imagine her straying off too far, she's most likely getting to know the new neighborhood. You have the picnic table out, so that's a familiar object for her and even your car being there will help. If there's anything familiar that she ate out of or played with back at the old place, maybe you can put it outside for her to find. As soon as she gets her bearings she'll be home. Cat's are very smart, you'll see. Keep in touch with us.
    Love you, Mom.

  2. Anonymous3/31/2006

    I'll say a prayer for Peepers to come home, but don't worry too much. (If that's possible.) Peepers is obviously a wanderer who fell in love with you guys. Your mom gives good advice. I think she will come home soon.--ST