Thursday, March 02, 2006

Outsourcing stinks...

I know, I know I said no politics on Friday, just all things retro. Ok I have to just do this once and I promise not to do it again. I'll still be posting my regular retro...

George Bush pisses me off royally! He seems to think there's nothing wrong with outsourcing. He calls it part of the global economy.


Did you know that the state of Georgia outsources its food stamp and welfare hotline calls to India? In 2004 it was 37,000 customers service calls per month going to India. Some thirty-two states outsource to call centers in India and Mexico.

Our own GOVERNMENT is outsourcing business to other countries.

Hundreds of companies outsource thousands of jobs to foreign countries. These are jobs Americans could be doing. Private companies save money by hiring workers in other countries.

George Bush thinks this is a good thing.

It's not a good thing. Our President thinks that outsourcing these jobs will help those foreign countries, increase their standard of living, make things better. Hardly! These foreign countries might be getting these outsourced jobs but they're standard of living is not improving one bit and that is a fact. There is still much poverty and one cannot improve standard of living merely with money, it takes an education, a change of culture and way of life. All of that has to be improved in order to improve a society. It's called being civilized.

Not only are we outsourcing jobs to these countries but American universities are being overrun with more highly educated people from other countries. US college students are being dumbed down. They come out of high school and few have chemistry, physics, calculus, or algebra. American college students are overall NOT as well-prepared in math and science as foreign students from the rest of the world. There are third world countries whose students have advanced level math courses while they are still in high school. Nowadays, many students who enter college can't do simple algebra.

We have a shitty literacy rate, many college students graduate but can't write a simple research paper and can't perform simple critical and logical thinking. Yet they still graduate. That's because the entire curriculum has been dumbed down to fit their lack of skills. Sure you'll have a good college graduation rate when you lower the expectations. Even our community colleges are part of the problem. Community colleges used to be underrated and underutilized, but people began to realize they are valuable community resources, that they were pathways to college for students who weren't straight A students in high school. Community colleges were smaller classrooms, more teacher-student interaction, and they helped students build the skills needed to enter the higher level University system. And that was a great thing. Although you would hear many a young college freshman whine at the prospect of having ot attend community college instead of a prestigious university. TRust me, there are thousand of college students in america who would have been better served and had a more quality educational experience by entering the community college first and then moving on to the university. But our universities which are in many cases so highly overrated really aren't the best places for freshman and sophomores. And yet we push these unprepared souls into them in droves. We are setting them up for failure.

But even the community colleges aren't immune from dumbing down students. I hate to say it but even college curriculums at cc's are being changed and expectations are lowered. At one community college here, the exit requirement for ENC 1101 Freshman Composition, is being removed. In the old days students had to take an exam mid-term which tested their ability to write a summary or compare/contrast of an essay. It wasn't rocket science, it was simple if you had the proper training. Those who didn't pass the exit exam didn't pass the course. Now they are removing the course. There is another course ENC 1102 which used to be titled "Writing for Literature" and it is an amazing course when taught properly. Students learn to read essays by a variety of authors and they learn the different methods of critical thinking. How you critique depends on what you read. You also learn how to read poetry, which most people would find boring but with the proper professor one learns not just to read the words but to understand the meaning. These English courses teach THEORY. Students cannot succeed without it. And yet colleges continue to revise their curriculums to make it easier for students.

Seems such a shame doesn't it?

It seems these community colleges and many universities are also guilty of preparing students more for jobs rather than careers. Community colleges seem to be focusing more on the vocational than academic, and our universities are becoming liberal havens where students are graduating with fewer skills to make it in the world. Instead of learning to think for themselves, they are merely learning to memorize what other people tell them.

Right now the outsourcing is mainly customer service calls, manufacturing and IT. But we are also on the verge of outsourcing our medical and our pharmaceuticals to foreign countries. Our medical, dental and pharmacy schools in the US are populated by a great deal of foreign students. Why do you think that is?

Not all American college students are dumb. The problem is that overall, American students are not as well-prepared as foreign students. They do not have the science and math skills coming out of high school which prepare them for college. Technology isn't slowing down and companies need highly skilled people to do these jobs. If you can't find them in America, you have to find them elsewhere.

I know I'm just talking off the cuff here but trust me when I tell you I see this every day. I know for a fact that these foreign students are more prepared and better able to handle a rigorous curriculum. I have seen the comparisons between US and foreign students and many times there is no comparison, the US students are far behind.

I like this country I live in, no wait--I LOVE it. And so the thing is I want to keep my lifestyle, my America. And it pains me that we are being taken over little by little by foreign nations, and our government is basically HANDING us over to them on a silver platter.

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  1. I'm the choir to this sermon. But you didn't just point out one blatant irony in the outsourcing part of the story: they're outsourcing jobs to talk to welfare recipients. Maybe they could hire some of the people on welfare to answer those phones. lol

    Our country and society is too advanced in some ways: we have such a high standard of living and too damned many diversions. Our kids have school, athletics, band, cheerleading, karate, video games, youth groups and who knows what else going so who has time to focus on the basics.

    We teach every imaginable elective and put more money in extracurriculars than ever before. Yet we can't understand why we can't produce enough engineering grads to meet demand.