Friday, March 24, 2006

Retro Casual Friday salute to "Toys of the '70's"

There are many more, but just try spending time searching for photos of them!

These are some of the many toys we had! Just click to get a good view!


Holly Hobbie Sewing Machine

Lite Brite


Charlies Angels

Fashion Plates

Superstar Barbie



Rubix Cube

Big Wheel

Rock'em Sock'em

Pogo Stick

Hot Wheels


Schwinn Ten Speed


Duncan Yo-Yo

Easy Bake Oven

Etch a Sketch

Evel Knievel doll

Giggle Sticks


Hot Wheels racetracks




Silly Putty

Malibu Ken (and Barbie)

Barbie's pink corvette

Toy Loom

Sit'n Spin



Silly String



  1. Many of the toys I grew up with have eluded my memory over the almost 60 years I've been around, but I do remember the fun you kids had with most of the toys on your list. Funny, we "boomers" also had some of the toys on your 70's list, which means some things stay around forever, like jacks, pogo sticks, slinkies, skates, and board gamnes like Monopoly! I loved old fashioned metal roller-skates, complete with a little key to tighten them once I got them on. Hula Hoops!! I had a ball with those, mainly because I was agile and young enough back then to keep them going for an hour at a time. We also had the Schwinn, commonly called "English Racers" back then. I never owned one, but I did have a JC Higgins special that I got from my best friend for $12.00 when her mother bought her the ER. To me that was the Cadillac of bikes. I was really easy to please back then. But my favorite "toy" of all was my "tether ball". Simply put it was a rubber ball, slightly smaller than a basketball, with a hard rubber hook type thingy built into the top where a rope was attached. You could tie the other end to any pole or in my case, the street sign on the corner of 22nd Ave and 9th St in Miami, and spend hours knocking the shit out of your hands. The object of the game was to hit/spike the ball over your opponent's head and keep it going around until it was wound tight. I love this game, and that shows you how simple life was back then. These are all we had and we were glad to have them! How times have changed huh?

  2. Yeah things were simpler back then mom. We played tether ball in school though so I know what you're talking about! It was fun!