Tuesday, March 28, 2006

They're just not getting the point...

In this story run by the LA Times, thousands of Southern California students staged a massive walkout yesterday

If this law passes, what will happen?" said Yadira Pech, 16. "There would be no more Los Angeles High School. Nearly all of us are immigrants."

I suppose Ms. Pech doesn't study up much on current events because if she did she would know that this legislation is focusing on ILLEGAL immigrants. And if she is illegal, if her parents are illegal, then they should be returned to their home country.

Antonio Chavez, an eighth-grader at University Heights Middle School in Riverside: "Our parents, our families came here from Mexico. We want other families to be able to come here too."

And so they should be allowed to break our laws to get here? Another one who doesn't know much about the laws of the country he calls his home.

Oh wait it gets better. The LA Times reported "some students said they did not know exactly what the bill said but believed that it was part of an anti-immigrant movement taking hold nationwide."

I could have told you that. It's all knee-jerk reaction. None of them has actually read the legislation yet. Surprise.

I think what pisses me off the most was the "Viva Mexico!" and waving of flags from Mexico, El Salvador and many other nations. These people claim they want to come to America to make a future for themselves but the problem is they don't want to be American. Many don't want to learn the language, learn the culture, assimilate into society. They want to live in America but still be a citizen of their home country. Instead the rest of us are forced to adapt to them. My God I wish my ancestors had it that easy! I am tired of adapting, I want them to adapt to us. I am tired of my country being forcibly taken from me. I am sick of oppressed people saying Americans owe them something.

No, we don't owe you anything. If I want to give to you and help you I will do it because I want to not because you tell me that I have to just because I have more than you.

Don't think I don't feel for poor people in third world countries, because I do, but the answer to their problems is not opening the floodgates to America. The answer is helping them make their own countries better and it starts with forcing their leaders to make the first move, which won't happen. We are all responsible for our own lives. Do you want your country free and democratic? Well then do what my forefathers did and sacrifice your lives to do it. People will suffer, times will be tough, people will die. But the reward is greatr. In the end your country will be free and you can live the kind of life you want. How the hell do we think America became free? Men fought and died for it, hell they are still fighting and dying for it. Every day in America, there is always a fight to keep freedom and liberty, and it's usually the citizens keeping their government in check. Every day we fight to keep the kind of country our forefathers built for us. And now it's time for citizens of third world countries to do the same too. If the Mexican government is screwing over its citizens it's time to get rid of Vicente and form a new government. The people need to take charge. They can't continue to come over to America forever, someday they will need to revolt and take their country back.

But alas, I suppose it's just easier to cross the border and come here. And shame on the government officials here who have let this problem fester and did NOTHING!

I don't have an answer for the problem of the eleven million illegals currently living here. That is the fault of every past administration who allowed this to happen. I am not in favor of amnesty, it sends the message that the law means nothing and in America the law keeps us civilized, it's important to adhere to it.
America was built upon adherence to the law, and we must protect that at all costs.

I have heard, read, and been told that someday I will be a minority in America and then I, "Whitey" will know how it feels to be oppressed and treated with maliciousness and discrimination.

Is wanting to protect my culture, my heritage, my history and my country such a terrible thing that someone would get some kind of freakish joy trying to take it from me?


  1. Whitey,

    You be way too bitter about this. You sound just like my friend who went through the immigration process with his white, Canadian wife and was frustrated by the number of Mexican immigrants clogging the system.

    Seriously, I contend that the American culture heritage and history you're protective of is really an amalgam of many cultures brought here by immigrants.

    I mean, maybe you're ethnically pure ... like 100% Swedish-American and still celebrate all the Swedish cultural things. But I think America (that melting pot) is really a continually evolving culture that is actually headed away from specific ethnicities and more toward mixed ethnicities. It's a gradual shift, but inevitable. I mean Europe's had a lot more time to simmer their melting pot and they've got a lot of mixed people. Sure, some countries are still pretty 'pure' but we're seeing all around the world where races and cultures are mixing.

    I think that's kinda cool in some ways. Inevitable unless we want to see separatism re-emerge by nation and that scares me.

    I don't see whites getting to the point of being treated maliciously and discriminated against as you describe. Will there be idiots who use that kind of rhetoric? Yes. But I don't see that becoming a rule.

    Sorry to be so contradictory to you lately. I'll try to find some posts to amen later.

    -- LD

  2. Hi LD

    Maybe it's because I'm in a pissy fucking mood but you know what? I am not 100% white. I am Irish, Italian, Sicilian, English, Romanian Jew, Cherokee Indian, Scottish, and German.

    I am so not whitey. If anyone's multicultural I am. But because my skin color is white I'm not considered multicultural.

    Sorry LD, Peepers is missing, DH and I are fucking tired from moving all this shit and I hurt all over. I'll be nicer in the morning!


  3. Amen, Amen, Amen...You put it in a very clear sensible way! I could't agree more!

  4. No harm, no foul. Moving is a chore at best and losing the cat doesn't help.

    Much of this comment was intended as tongue in cheek.

    Your mixed-ness is what I was getting at. When you say "my culture, my heritage, my history and my country" I would ask well what defines that? It's probably different for many, many people.

    Besides, you called yourself "Whitey" -- I thought that a nice moniker.

    Enough of this. You enjoy the new place and get your mind off them immigrants. (Imagine how easy it could have been to hire some day labor to move that stuff for ya?) just kidding of course.