Monday, March 20, 2006

This scary dream I had...

First off let me say that I am known world-wide for my strange dreams. I don't drink, don't do drugs and I don't eat foods that give me acid indigestion.

I just have strange dreams...naturally!

I remember being in prison and I was there for having been convicted for what I thought was murder. But as it turns out, it was for assault and battery of my lawyer, who ironically was "Alexis Davis" from General Hospital. I had NO memory of the incident. I couldn't remember ANYTHING I was accused of doing yet everyone including my family thought I was guilty. I somehow got to see my grandmother at her house in the dream and even she thought I did it. I kept crying and saying "I didn't do it" and I remember the worst part was feeling helpless because I couldn't remember doing it. Someone asked me "what's the last thing you remember?" and I couldn't recall any recent memory. I recalled that I had memory of months before but the events were unclear. I just know I didn't do it.

I told the officials they could take my fingerprint and match it. Well I willingly put my print on something I had and gave it to them, and I was given back my file with the fingerprint reports from the crime and they matched.

I said "ok fine when did it happen?" and somehow I thought they said April or August 2006 and I said "ha I wasn't even living here" but then I saw my arrest and conviction report and it said the crime was committed on December 26, 2006.

In real life that is my sister's 36th birthday.

I was so scared in the dream. Imagine people telling you that you committed a crime but you have NO memory of it! I had NO memory of it and unlike other dreams where I have been able to tell myself it was a dream, I did not know this was a dream so I could not wake up. And when I did wake up I was still in some kind of shock over the dream itself.

Is this a warning? Am I going to do something bad on December 26,2006? And worse--am I not going to remember it?


  1. Anonymous3/20/2006

    Dreams can be very freaky. Sometimes I think they are a result of our worries, but sometimes they are just weird for no reason. I'll tell you about an awful dream I used to have on a recurring basis. I have yet to figure out why I dream it. It takes place at my grandparents house who are both dead now. In the dream I'm always afraid to go into the bedrooms. I feel safe in the rest of the house but I'm terrified of the bedrooms. The only way to the bathroom is through the back bedroom and I have to go to the bathroom. I try to sneak through, but there is a dead body in the bed. I run outside and the tree limbs turn into snakes. I can't explain it. My mom wanted to know if I was ever abused, but I wasn't. I was never scared over there and they always treated me well so why would I have such horrible nightmares about their house. It is a horrible feeling to wake up from one of those dreams. So back to your dream. It is freaky and scary, but I don't think it has any significance. Don't you wish we had the ability to forget things like that instead of where we put our car keys?--ST

  2. With dreams like that, why would you need alcohol or drugs?

    I don't dream too often (ref: sleep apnea entry several weeks back), but when I do it gets weird.

    I had one a while back starring my dead father. Also had one where I got fired from two jobs that I've actually held in same dream (and both were for trivial reasons) and I kept arguing about why I was fired.

    I wouldn't worry. It was just a dream. Unless you beging becoming clairvoyant, then, call me when you start seeing lottery numbers.