Saturday, March 18, 2006

Update on the new place...

Ok I wanted to give you an update on the new place.

DH and I signed the lease and gave our $1,000 deposit today. Then we took our trailer full of stuff and went to the new place to store them. Remember that we can't move in till April 1st but the tenant has no problem with us storing some of our stuff there, she even sent us a key.

We got there and immediately noticed that someone had attempted to pry the door open in the area where the deadbolt is. We don't know if the tenant did it or if someone tried to break in to the place. All the windows were open, and when we tried to close them, one wouldn't close all the way because of a crack in the window and a problem in the metal that holds it in place. We also noticed a broken drawer in the one of the Master bath cabinets.

The place definitely needs to be cleaned but she cut off her utilities before she moved to Jacksonville so how is she going to clean? The toilets need cleaning, the floor needs mopping, the carpets need vacuuming. Now she's not done moving her stuff out so we'll give her time but I hope she cleans it up.

DH was so adamant about an April 1st move in date that we told the realtor that if she didn't finish it we would. But in looking at this slight physical damage, we feel that not only is our security at risk with this door being like this and the window not closing and locking properly, but we dont' want to eventually be held liable for damage we did not do.

So we brought all our stuff back home today and unloaded it. I called the realtor's office and spoke with the girl who has been helping us all this time. She is going to talk to the head property manager on Monday and find out what to do. It has to get fixed, the question is does it get fixed before this girl's lease is up or do we need to delay the move-in? I'm telling you when they asked us to delay our move-in to April 7th we should have taken them up on it. But no, we wanted to move in on the 1st. We could have let them go in and clean and do maintenance and all that shit but no we had to rush it.

At this point in time, if it doesn't get done and if they refuse (which we doubt..the owner seems to be a decent guy and why would he want his property to remain damaged?) we will ask for our deposit back. But our guess is that it gets fixed. Either a metal plate can be installed over the areas of the deadbolt and the regular lock on the knob or the door can be replaced. There's nothing wrong with the door so I think a metal plate would suffice. It would prevent anyone from being able to jimmy the door. And as for the window, well it may have to be replaced. And it can come out of her deposit if it wasn't like that when she moved in. But either way, we would not feel safe in a place where we could not be secure. We are sure they will take care of things. The question now is when?

We feel it would all workout but if she doesn't finish cleaning once her stuff is moved out we're going to be busy. Next time we just let them do their thing. There's actually NO next time, this is our second and last rental place ever!

And that's the story.

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