Monday, March 27, 2006

The war on my America...

Today's rant is really very simple.

It's about our borders.

My language, my customs, my heritage, my way of life is being threatened. And I am ready to do something about it.

The time has come where the US begins shutting down our borders. We have eleven million illegals in this country already and we are about to get more if we do not enforce the law and quickly. It is not right that the US is expected to have an open-ended immigration policy allowing anyone and everyone in at any time and for any reason.

Partha Banerjee, director of the New Jersey Immigration Policy Network, claimed that this is some sort of "civil rights movement reborn in this country."

Angela Sanbrano, executive director of the Central American Resource Center of Los Angeles claims that at a message needs to be sent to Congress and the President that "the immigrant community will not allow the criminalization of our people — and it needed to be very strong because of the anti-immigrant environment that we are experiencing in Congress."

The Reverend Samuel Rodriguez Jr., president of the National Hispanic Association of Evangelicals, has warned us that Congress wuld pay for going against the hispanic community.
He stated: "I know there are pure hearts that want to protect our border and protect our country, but at the same time the Hispanic community cannot deny the fact that many have taken advantage of an important and legitimate issue in order to manifest their racist and discriminatory spirit against the Hispanic community."

Fabricio Fierros, an eighteen year old American citizen born to illegal immigrants said
"It's not fair to workers here to just kick them out without giving them a legal way to be here," Mr. Fierros said, "To be treated as criminals after all the work they did isn't fair."

Fair? They came here illegally and broke the law doing so. We the people did not vote to allow it, nor did our Congress pass any law allowing people to migrate here illegally. They are criminals, they broke the law and they should be sent home.

America isn't anti-immigrant, it is anti-illegal immigrant and yes, there's a difference. We have a right to protect our security, our health, our education system, our heritage, our language and our customs. The reason so many people are up in arms is because America's future is being threatened. No country can survive such an influx of illegal immigrants. They are coming over with diseases, taxing our hospitals, health care system, and our schools. America has laws in place to enforce who comes to this country, when and for how long and as a sovereign nation we have a right to expect those laws followed. And when they are not, we have the right to prosecute offenders.

And as far as comments like "we cook your meals, clean your hotel rooms, landscape your golf courses" all I can say is that somehow those things would get done or those businesses would have to fold. And maybe that has to happen to make American businesses realize they need to hire legal employees. If my hotel can't find people to clean the rooms, I won't stay there, if my husband's golf course can't keep nice greens, he won't golf there. And eventually SOMEONE would do these jobs. There are a lot of people in this country who need jobs and I am sure we could find someone to fill them.

I blame our President and his administration for letting this issue fester for so long that it is about to go out of control. Bush and Congress had six years to come up with a viable policy, they have done nothing. Clinton and his administration had eight years. Nobody in Congress has done a damn thing to solve this problem. It took regular law abiding citizens like the Minutemen to devise a plan for protecting our borders.

At this point in time what I worry about is my own culture being threatened. My language, my heritage, my country is being threatened. What kind of country allows a person to be fired from their job because they don't speak a foreigh language? Do you think, in Mexico, an employee of a government agency is let go because they don't speak English? Do you think in Mexico, when you dial a private or state run organization you have to press "2" for "English"? Do you think that in Mexico, a US citizen could march in the streets shouting "Viva America" and wave an American flag?

No. Because we are America, we are expected to just open our borders and let everyone in. The problem is we can't handle it, we just can't. And in the meantime we're not doing a damn thing to force third-world leaders to improve conditions in their own countries in an effort to keep their people there. These leaders don't want these people, don't want their problems and so it's easier to make them our problem.

If Bush's buddy Vicente Fox, was a real man he would be working hard to keep his people home by making the country better and improving living and working conditions. As it stands, he won't do that and so the people come here, like they do from all of the other oppressed countries on this earth. The only people who migrate here illegally are people whose own governments refuse to do any good for their own countries.

I'd say it's time for economic sanctions against Mexico and all of these countries who encourage their people to sneak over our borders. Ultimately I believe our only solution to this problem is completely shutting down our borders. We are in an emergency situation and it's time for action now.

Don't ask me about the eleven million ILLEGAL aliens who are here now, I don't know what you can do about them. Deportation is not as easy as you think, it takes years, if it can be done at all, you can't deport if a country won't accept them. But I do know while our elected officials are willy-dickin' around tryign to figure out how to solve the crisis of the ones who are already here, they are missing out on the bigger picture which is how to prevent this problem in the future!


  1. This is not as black and white to me as it is for you. You mention the distinction between anti-immigration and anti-illegal immigration. This conflicts me.

    Legal immigration is a paradox for the majority of those who seek to immigrate, primarily because of money.

    Consider that the Statue of Liberty, our national symbol for legal immigration, carries the inscription:

    "Give me your tired, your poor,
    "Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    "The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    "Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
    "I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

    So while there may be no official policy that says we're all about letting in the penniless, our tradition for more than 100 years has been founded on the idea of a refuge.

    There's a collective guilt that many (perhaps most) of our ancestors immigrated. So the idea of suddenly clamping down the gates and getting choosy gets down to some deep-rooted societal traditions.

    I have a friend whose wife immigrated legally from another country - several thousand dollars and numerous trips across the state to regional immigration centers. My friend was American and still had difficulty navigating the bureaucracy.

    Meanwhile, I do not understand why we allow illegal immigrants to receive education, health care, etc. Sure, come on in. But get the benefits when you pay the taxes.

    And back to the other side of the fence, I do agree with the idea (can't bring myself to say 'the administration') that there are classes of jobs that Americans won't do. OK, not that they *won't* do them -- they just would expect to get paid better than what they currently pay because those jobs suck.

    I would suggest that yes, we could find someone to do all those undesirable jobs. However, the cost would go up exponentially, as would our cost of living (meaning inflation). Because we would have to pay minimum wages, provide state mandated benefits, and all those things that legal employment brings along.

    That is what I think the politicans fear -- limiting immigration would cause a sudden spike in inflation, and then either a recession or full-scale depression would set in.

    Just some thoughts. I sure as hell don't understand why people are out marching with Mexican flags in hand. Wouldn't it make more sense to have an American flag?

  2. Hi LD, long time no see.

    I see a distinction between illegal and legal immigration. When my great grandparents came over here, they emigrated legally. Crossing the border and sneaking over is illegal. Back then we could handle the migration, now in 2006 and for many years now we have not been able to handle the influx.

    While the quote from the Statue of Liberty is nice, it doesn't mean the US can handle an uninterrupted, infinite flow of immigrants. We can't. It was a nice tradition one hundred years ago but times have changed.

    IMO your friend was wrong for circumventing the process and getting his wife over here

    Makes me wonder if those jobs many people won't do is because the pay sucks. Would you pick vegetables for minimum wage? Who would? But if it paid higher you would do that. Many people would. Yeah a job isa job but one can't live on minimum wage in this country. And while we're at it, those millions of minimum wage and less wage earners who are coming here illegally have little or no education so these are the only jobs they can get. These people, with no education, no ability to speak our language, no real skills are taking from America more than they give.

    It is such a complicated issue. But the biggest problem right now is how to shut the gates.

    Add to that, I don't want to be a minority in my own country. My ancestors helped build America, I have a right to hold on to that.

  3. I guess I've been in hiding for a while. That witness relocation program can be brutal.

    As to your points, we're not too far off. I don't think illegal immigration should continue unchecked. But I guess what I didn't clearly state is that I think legal immigration is too hard and too expensive for the people who need it the most (the tired, poor and huddled masses types). I'm saying the principles of our country were founded on being a haven for those seeking liberty - so to turn into a place that only is accessible by those who can afford it, just seems counter to our national principles.

    As for my friend, he went through the legal immigration process for his wife (which is where I get my understanding that it is an expensive and arduous process). So not sure what you mean by circumventing the process.

    Back to the undesirable jobs, I said minimum wage, but really mean what you're saying. The legal requirement is minimum wage (which is probably more than is being paid now for that illegal labor), in reality, current Americans will want a heck of a lot more to do the same jobs because they suck.

    That whole thing about not wanting to lose what your ancestors built reminds me of a former co-worker's definition of a Colorado environmentalist: people who moved to Colorado, built their dream home on a mountainside, then wanted to draw up environmental ordinances to stop people from moving into the state to build their dream houses and ruin it for all the people already there.

    Reminds me of the immigration issue a little. I mean I'm not convinced we're full -- in urban areas, yes. Look at a population density chart though and see how sparsely populated much of our country is outside the metropolitan areas.

    So we'll see the economy just crater when all of a sudden things that used to cost next-to-nothing skyrocket in price. I really think that's the biggest obstacle to shutting the gates.

    Cheers. I like writing here because you're willing to engage in an adult conversation.