Sunday, March 26, 2006

What's happenin?

DH and I were on a roll yesterday. We took quite a bit of stuff to the new place and today we got up at 6:30 a.m. and were over there with another truck full by 8 am. He went to get new A/C filters and I mopped the floors in the kitchen and master bath.

Speaking of AC filters, I have never seen anything like what we pulled out of the wall today. No wonder the girl who is moving out had extremely high electric bills. THE FILTER WAS NEVER CHANGED! This filter was so nasty, you could see no light through it. It was jam packed with dust, dirt and hair, lik eyou wouldn't believe. Everyone knows you keep a better running and more efficient unit and lower cooling and heating bills if you have a clean filter. I can't believe she never changed it. Anyway DH changed the filters.

So let's see what have we done in two days?

Vacuumed and deodorized the carpets throughout the house.
Scrubbed the toilet, two sinks, shower, gardeb tub, and floor in the master bath.
Scrubbed the sink and toilet in the guest bath.
Cleaned out the kitchen cabinets.
Swept the front and back decks.
Cleaned the windows.
Set up our bookcases and books, pictures, and knick knacks.
Put away dishes, glasses, and assorted kitchen things.
Hung up a wide assortment of clothes in the closet
Stored a bunch of stuff in our other two walk-in closets (OMG I LOVE walk in closets, we have so much space!!)

I still need to clean the outside of all the windows, the outside of the doors, scrub the guest bathroom shower and tub, clean the blinds, run the dishwasher and clean it, and clean out the rest of the kitchen cabinets. And oh yeah I need to do that master shower one more time. I have to have a clean bathroom (and kitchen) otherwise I can't function :)

And that fridge, that damned fridge. It's a double-door fridge with one side freezer, one side fridge. Well, she, the tenant that is, had the power turned off and forgot something had been in the fridge and it well you know--stunk up the fridge. The smell is almost gone but not quite. DH and I put two boxes of baking soda in there and left the doors open to air out. Today we found the ice cube tray still had water in it, no wonder the thing smelled. Maybe now that smell will go away.

I don't know what that irritating odor was in the house I think a cat must have pissed in the house somewhere, maybe on the welcome mat inside the door, which I threw out today. The place smelled better once I got rid of it. DH worked hard vacuuming and deodorizing that carpet the other night and it really made it smell nice. The carpet is really nice, very green and very plush and we want to take good care of it.

You wouldn't believe how nice the place looks, especially with our stuff in there, we plan to take good care of the place, I think the guy who owns it will be really happy. We've been in touch and he is looking forward to having folks like DH and me living in his place and making it our home. When he comes up here on Friday to survey the place he won't be seeing what SHE left, he'll be seeing how good we have the place and he will keep that in his mind and when we move out, you can guarantee we'll leave it better than when we found it. He is also going to take care of some things around there, like fixing a window, a broken drawer in the master bath, some other odds and ends that come with regular wear and then he'll power wash the vinyl siding of the house, which needs to be done but will look like new when done. He's also going to pick up some trash and things that happen to be laying around that she might leave or that might have been there when she moved in last August. He told me he was adamant about her cleaning that place up. The outoors is just gorgeous, but they burned some things in a pile in the backyard that needs to be picked up. Also there's some metal and odds and ends thrown about one part of the yard and really DH and I don't want to be tasked with cleaning it all up. I don't believe we'd have to, thogh our new LL, Patrick says he will take care of things for us.

All he wants is to have people living in his home who will take care of it, and in return all we want is a LL who is nice, cares about taking care of his place, leaves us alone, and will fix things when they need fixing.

I will say this. No matter how much we make this home, this is it for us as far as renting. I just dont' want to live in someone else's house anymore. Next place will be OURS, well some of it will be the banks but hopefully we'll pay it off quickly.

The bright side of all the shit we've been doing lately? There's this dog that lives with a family down the street from us. The girl who is moving out of our place told us about him, says he comes over and hants out, and is really cute and playful. Well they are right. He's probably 7 years old, and he's a yellow lab, well-fed, adorable and very friendly. He just comes right over and hangs out and watches us, likes to be petted, and then lays down in the sun. He's harmless, so we don't mind. He looks very well cared for. He's got a collar too with a name and phone number on it and he's got his rabies vaccination tag on it. He seems to be very well taken care of. If I had a dog, he would not be running around even if it were to the neighbor's house. But since he's well fed and cared for and is a good dog, I won't complain.

We decided to take Chicago Peepers Kitty Kat to be adopted. We will contact Animal Services, get her in the kitty karrier and take her down there this week. In three days after that, we will contact the Humane Society and give them the info and they will pick up kitty and take her to the shelter which is by the way, a no-kill shelter (yes, I checked first!).Then they will be able to adopt her out. We have a bed for her, a scratching post, a bag of food and some toys we will take to them. This is the best we can do. We don't believe in having an outdoor cat, and I can't keep her indoor for two reasons--one, I am allergic to cat dander and two, it's not in our lease. Hell even if it were in the lease, I couldn't take the dander in the house! So that's the end of it, I'd love to find her a home myself and decide who gets her but we don't have that luxury. When I look at her I think "will she miss us?" and I hope that she doesn't think we're just throwing her away. I think that God sent this stray kitty to us for us to take care of her before she was placed in a real home, with people who can have her indoors and not have allergies or worry about landlords who don't want indoor cats. We had her spayed, we had her rabies and distemper shots and leukemia vaccination done and she's real clean, we think that she will get adopted right away. I hope so, she's a good cat. And I hope she gets to keep the name "Peepers" that we gave her because it's so fitting. I hope she doesn't miss the forest here and the large overgrown azalea bushes she likes to sleep under, and the raccoons she likes to chase off at night.

I just hope she finds a good home with kind and caring people who will take good care of her and be good to her.

Five days and we're outta here for good. Maybe I haven't thought much of it lately because we've been so busy but it's starting to hit me. I've posted the photos of this place, you've seen it, it's small but it's cozy and since it's spring, the forest is green now and it's a nice comfortable temperature outside, perfect for a cookout, or taking a good book outside and reading it. I can't do any of that though because I have to work on a research paper.

Don't even get me started about this paper. I did an outline, I need more structure and narrowing of my topic, and I need time to sit and do research and write uninterrupted. Maybe next weekend when we are moved into our new place I can do it. But right now it's hard to sit down and focus. I have to get an "A" in this class. I have to, if there's any class I'm good in it's this kind of class, writing and research and critical thinking are my thing. My professor is a wonderful mentor but she can't write it for me, I have to do it. I know she has faith in me, more than I have in myself at times, and she knows I can do this. She's known me fourteen years, so if anyone knows my abilities in regards to coursework, she does. Without her I never would have come this far in my critical thinking so I thank her profusely for sticking with me and watching me go from a young twenty-something, idealistic, opinionated, and unfocused, foolish young Democrat to a thirtysomething, wise, still opinionate, mature, logical and independent minded person.

But you know what? Right now there's a great movie on that i really need to watch, called "The Straight Story" starting Richard Farnsworth. I love this man and this is a great film, that really renews your faith in people. Not all people in this world are bad, and we come across people who change our lives for the better, more often than we realize.

Alvin's 200 miles into his journey and a woman he meets up with asks him if he's scared of traveling alone or the people he might run into.

I love his reply:
"I fought the trenches in WWII why should I be scared of an Iowa cornfield"

Classic! This movie puts a big smile on my face!


  1. Well, I'm exhausted just reading about all the work. I hate moving. And, yeah, owning is better.

  2. Tape tea bags in the fridge. That'll take the smell right out. Especially if you can leave it closed for a day or so. It might work if you are opening and closing them. We had a freezer in storage once and the mover told us about that. Worked like a charm!