Saturday, March 18, 2006

Chicago Peepers Kitty Kat

Well it's been four weeks since that stray kitty decided to take up residence here. At first we called "him" Frank then we found out it was a "she" and called her Peepers. And since she has white sox, DH calls her Chicago so her name is Chicago Peepers Kitty Kat.

The sad news is we can't keep her. We just can't justify the increase in rent each month that would be required and we're concerned about any damage she might do if we let her in the house. And as mom can attest to this fact, I was raised to keep these kind of pets in the house, especially at night. I am allergic to too much cat dander too so I can't have a cat in the house all the time.

So, in a week or so we'll load up all her goodies, take her to animal services. They will hold her for three days, then we will call the Humane Society and they will pick her up and adopt her out. She's two years old, healthy, playful and we have a record here of the spay, distemper and rabies shot and leukemia vaccine we got her recently. She should be very adoptable! We hate doing this, she's like a part of our family, but what else can we do? We have to do what's best for us and for her.


  1. Now that's I've seen her, I can understand why you've become so attached, but I can also understand why you feel that it would be better to find another home for her. I remember what it's like to be allergic to a cat's dander. My eyes would itch like crazy and I couldn't stop sneezing. It was terrible. I'm sure someone will take her very quickly, she is beautiful.

  2. Anonymous3/19/2006

    What a beautiful kitty. I'm sure she will be adopted. If I didn't already have an insanely jealous kitty, I would take her. I tried keeping my Granny's cat when her health failed, but my Oreo wouldn't stand for it. In the end my uncle had to take him. No matter how beautiful the kitty, it is not worth the allergies!--ST

  3. Yeah I know. We sure will miss her. Even DH has become really attached to her.