Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Am I Ivy League material?

Well I've been doing some thinking. I can get a quality History degree (with courses in Jewish Studies and also Law) from many schools, but the top schools get the best jobs. Now for me it isn't about money, it's about respectability and getting the best education. Sure there are great schools where I can get an EXCELLENT education.

But for once in my life I'd like to shoot for something that most people would think is downright impossible.

US News & World Report listed the top ranked History programs in America.

History PhD
3-UC Berkeley

US Colonial History
3-Univ Pennsylvania

European History
3-UC Berkeley

I don't want to go to Berkeley, that isn't even up for debate. UPenn would be great, not just for me but DH because he could be near home, but with the other schools he could also find work in NJ, Massachusetts or Connecticut. Of course the cost of living is high. Actually it's high in all those places.

I just wonder if it's possible. My professor and mentor seems to think so, my parents would probably say yes, and my husband definitely thinks so. I would need the 4.0 GPA, the GRE scores and certainly letters of recommendation, and what about extracurriculars? I guess I need to get involved don't I?

Yes I have to get my BS first, but I'm turning 37 this year, not getting any younger, I have a lot at stake. I just really want to "settle down" in a place we can call our own in a permanent town. For someone like me who craves stability and routine, this probably isn't a good idea.

Of course I could stay here and do it, and could probably get a great job. But really this isn't about just getting that high paying job, it's seeing if I have what it takes. Honest, that's ALL this is about. At this age in life you stop worrying about how much money you will make and focus on what makes you happy and fulfilled.

More to come on this...


  1. Anonymous4/13/2006

    I defintely think you could do it, if that's what you want. For me it is about the money. I want to pay off all my debt, sock money away for retirement and grow old with Robert doing anything we want to do. I want to know when we retire that everything is paid for and I have a reliable income. But people have different goals in life. I think you and DH should do exactly what you want. That's what is so great about America. You can accomplish anything you dream of.--ST

  2. You owe it to yourself to fulfill what has probably been dwelling deep down in your psyche for years. You have the intelligence and the aggressiveness (for my current lack of a better word) to do it! DH wants to be closer to home, that's definitely a PLUS FOR YOU. Of course we will miss having you close by, but we would also be so proud of you if you took that step toward the future that has been waiting for you for so many years. All you have to do is take the first step, and then another, and another....
    Do what you were meant to do, and be all you can be (not a pun), it's a very short life and can only be lived once. Even your instructor agrees, and remember all the wonderful things your high school teachers said about you. They weren't wrong Jess. Have the faith in yourself that we all have always had and do it!