Sunday, April 09, 2006

Angry is understatement...

I am just sick over this whole immigration issue. I think about my ancestors who migrated here legally, who were required to go through checks before they could enter this country. And I am angry that people can cross our borders illegally now and expect automatic entitlement.

I'm also angry at Clinton, Bush, Congress (past and present), Vicente Fox and the Mexican government, and the Spanish media, just to name a few. I'm so angry I don't even know what to do about it.

Bush and Congress (and past administrations) have sat on immigration reform to the point that we have a serious crisis on our hands. It is so far gone nobody has any idea how to fix it. Clinton failed us, Bush failed us, Congress failed us. And Vicente Fox and the Mexican government are not only behind this, they are benefitting from this. As long as Vicente can send his problems to the United States, he does not have to deal with him. He does however get their money, because Mexican immigrants, both illegal and legal send BILLIONS back to Mexico each year, yet the United States foots the bill for education, health care, welfare, and God knows what else.

America is being invaded by millions of people who want to work hard, but refuse to learn our language or assimilate to our culture. And a big fat THANK YOU to former President Clinton for Executive Order 13166 which states:

The Federal Government provides and funds an array of services that can be made accessible to otherwise eligible persons who are not proficient in the English language. The Federal Government is committed to improving the accessibility of these services to eligible LEP persons, a goal that reinforces its equally important commitment to promoting programs and activities designed to help individuals learn English. To this end, each Federal agency shall examine the services it provides and develop and implement a system by which LEP persons can meaningfully access those services consistent with, and without unduly burdening, the fundamental mission of the agency. Each Federal agency shall also work to ensure that recipients of Federal financial assistance (recipients) provide meaningful access to their LEP applicants and beneficiaries. To assist the agencies with this endeavor, the Department of
Justice has today issued a generalguidance document (LEP Guidance), which sets forth the compliance standards that recipients must follow to ensure that the programs and activities they normally provide in English are accessible to LEP persons and thus do not discriminate on the basis of national origin in violation of title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended, and its implementing regulations. As described in the LEP Guidance, recipients must take reasonable steps to ensure meaningful access totheir programs and activities by LEP persons.

That's just part of it, read the link I posted, that was just the beginning. Our President said "hey come on in, we'll accomodate you, you don't have to do a thing"

I am pissed off at the people waving foreign flags and signs that say "you stole our land". I am pissed off at the signs that boldly state "Brown is beautiful" and "Chicano power". I am sick of the whining about "please don't send my parents home" and "I have the right to live in freedom". The invasion of illegals in this country and insistence on civil rights which are granted to citizens and those becoming citizens, is a travesty.

The Spanish media is giving immigrants the idea that immigration reform is about anti-immigration period. It's not, it's about illegal immigration, but nobody protesting seems to understand it. Why would legal immigrants send the message that immigration reform hurts them? Those who migrate to America legally have nothing to fear. This seems so simple to me but how can any person in their right mind expect a country---any country to give up its sovereignty and allow open borders? No country in the world would be so stupid they would open their borders with no regulation.

Use of the word "immigrants" is shading this issue and confusing people. There is a clear difference between legal and illegal. Every country on this planet has the right to decide who enters its country and who becomes citizens. What right does any person have to citizenship by illegally crossing borders.

I hate to say this because I voted for him twice, and I admit it, but Bush sold us out. He has backed this guest worker aka "amnesty" program since day one. Out of one side of his mouth he pushed the "guest worker program" and out of the other side he claimed he was firmly for immigration reform. And in his spare time he called the Minutemen vigilantes. These unarmed men and women are risking their lives, leaving their families, and volunteering to protect our borders, and their President has the nerve to degrade them and belittle their patriotic cause. Yep, Bush sold us out. Our country is already being sold to the highest bidders overseas, why should this be any different?

And what's worse is the ignorance that abounds, my God there is so much ignorance surrounding this issue. The fact that this has been twisted into an "anti-immigrant" issue is absurd. America has always welcomed immigrants and will continue to do so as long as they follow the law. That is so simple but the spanish media is pushing the anti-immigrant (instead of anti-illegal immigrant) thing because pushing the lie gets more response than pushing the truth. Whatever happened to media seeking the truth? The Spanish media must be exempt from the truth.

The truth is that the US has a problem with illegal immigration and although it's gone on way too long, something has to be done. We have to have more control over our borders and do something about the millions of illegals already here. That's it folks, that's the story. Anyone who makes it any more of an issue than that is ignorant.

I am so ready to protest. But let's see, I'd be called "hateful" "whitey" "racist" and hordes of other nasty names. All I want is to protect my culture, my heritage, my language, and my country. I want the borders secured, I want the immigration to be legal. I also wouldn't mind a Constitutional amendment stating that in order to be a citizen, one of your parents needs to be a citizen. That ought to prevent thousands of illegal women from giving birth here so their kids can stay as citizens.

Do I have any easy solutions to the problem of those illegals already here? No. But there are solutions, some unpopular. These people BROKE THE LAW! Are we going to sanction it? The problem is that it's near impossible to deport millions of illegals. If we give them amnesty, what happens in twenty years when there are another eleven million illegals?

Honestly I just don't have a solution. But then again I already have a full-time job and in all likelihood, so do you, that's why we hire other people full-time to represent our best interests.

Unfortunately they're on vacation and attending to obviously more pressing matters.


  1. outside looking in:

    the reason you might be called racist is beause the most outspoken of the group tend to be racist and are funded by racist leaning groups who do not support immigrant like you do.

    Second "The minutemen" are a huge human rights issue with most of them being deluded trigger happy rednecks who think that america is being invaded and are hurting people who if they fought back would be killed.(I live in Az).The minutemen are armed and they are not risking their lives anymore than driving down the street.(I love it when people make mexicans out to be superhuman), leaving their families?? again nonesense. No one is forcing them to leave their families! These people are going out of their way look for trouble.

    Third all of these illegal immigrants are paying taxes from their paychecks and sales taxes on goods. Vast amounts of money which are never collected at the end of the year because they never file. Where is it going?

    Protest with your dollar, don't support the companies that use illegal immigrants.

    I agree with you on many issues but this idea of protecting your culture is just immature, no one is taking america over, this nation thrived on immigrants both legal and illegal in it's heyday. That's what makes this country rock.

    Stop Beleving the Hype.

  2. Dear Mulk, first thanks for your comments, second, I don't believe the "hype" I make my judgments based on what I see, hear, and read for myself.

    Racist is a word mostly used by people who have no idea what the word really means.

    You say the outspoken "tend to be racist" really? Hmm got anything to back that up? No you don't. A few or rather MANY outspoken people who are definitely racist spoil it for everyone else who truly believes illegal immigration is wrong. Racism is believing one race is inherently better than another. However it is used to define the character of people who disagree with the PC hype.

    I believe in the plight of the people seeking refuge here. America is a rich and wonderful country, it and we, her people have so much to offer. The problem is that the well can and will run dry. We cannot become the haven for the world's poor and destitute. The ONLY solutions are to close our borders and somehow force the leaders of these countries to reform their own domestic policies so their people can have a better life. We can do it in Mexico, hell we're doing it in Iraq and in Afghanistan. Why not Mexico?

    You proclaim to call the Minutemen trigger happy rednecks.

    Did you know the Minutemen are women and men, young and old, who sacrifice the comforts of home and a cozy life to peacefully help protect our borders? Their own purpose is "to bring national awareness to the decades-long careless disregard of effective U.S. immigration law enforcement.
    The Minuteman Project (MMP) is a citizens' Vigilance Operation monitoring immigration, business, and government.

    The Minutemen Project does not solicit help or accept any help from white supremacists, or racist groups of any color, religion or other origin.

    Do you know how they arm themselves?

    With radios.

    There are NO human rights violations on the part of the Minutemen. That there is, is just hype my friend.

    There is absolutely no similarities with your average dumbass redneck racist and the Minutemen and they work very hard to maintain a positive image and stay as far from the extremists as possible.

    How can it be wrong for the citizens of any country to protect their borders? Especially when done peacefully. We have a right to decide who enters our country, we have a right to protect our sovereignty. Many people enter America legally each year. Many people spend a lot of money and wait years to go through the process.

    The Southwestern states are being overrun. The health care and education systems are being overrun and while the US foots the bill for their care, Vicente Fox reaps the rewards from their families through the tax dollars he collects from them which came from the blood, sweat and tears of the illegal family members who are here.

    I have no use for the rednecks you speak about. Trust me I have run into my more than fair share of racist rednecks. Not to get off topic but when we moved to a small southern town in the 80's, the men in town were already talking shit about the new Jew in town. That new Jew was my mom and they shut the hell up once they met my dad and saw the Star of David with a cross in the middle that he wears out of respect for his Christian roots and her Jewish roots. I have had Bible Thumpers and Holy Rollers cross my path and tell me I am damned to hell for being a Jew.

    And all I can say is that they are morons.

    If illegals are paying taxes then the companies they work for should be closed down and those who run it jailed. But let's face it, how many are paid a day's wages for a day's work? Millions. They are paid cash under the table and they turn around and convert that cash or personal checks to money orders being sent to Mexico. You live in Arizona, so you see how they live? I have seen them and lived near them, they do not spend the majority of their earnings in America, not by any means.

    As to where the money IS going that is deducted for social security and withholding? GOOD QUESTION! I am with you on that one. The employers hold onto it. I hope every one of them is busted.

    Overall maybe we don't agree on everything but that's fine. I consider myself a liberal-minded, open-minded person, my parents raised us to be that way. I am not a Democrat, nor am I Republican, I am an Independent because I feel unable to comfortably align myself with either party.

    As to my culture, my language, it is going by the wayside. The "reconquista" effort is REAL. I live in a country where English is the primary language. It is important that official business in this country, INCLUDING VOTING, use of state and federal services, be conducted in ENGLISH. Imagine if we could all communicate in one language, how much more harmony and less misunderstanding there would be?