Saturday, April 01, 2006

Catching up is hard to do..

It's been a long, long, LOOOOONG weekend. To bring you up to speed, first it's important to let you know that Friday night Peepers came wandering back to our place. She refused to come in, probably pissed at me for putting her in the kitty karrier earlier that day. She spent the night and left early yesterday morning and stayed gone all day till evening. Came home to a nice big bowl of food in her regular food dish and her kitty karrier outside with her bed in it and a towel over it like she likes it. She wouldn't go in it, but slept on a towel outside it. She isn't learning to use the kitty door very well. I had to open it and try to coax her in but she wouldn't use it. To get her in and used to the place, I picked her up and brought her in and when she was done nosing around and went to the door, I opened the kitty door and encouraged her to use it. She won't push on it, only going throgh it if you open it yourself. She'll learn I hope. Anyway, this morning she was on the porch eating. I showed her where her favorite picnic table is and I let her in to look around and she did and then wanted back out.

She's getting used to the place. I have to get her a collar with a rabies tag and a name tag so people know where to find us and know she's got her shots.

As to the rest of the adventure, my advice--NEVER MOVE. It sure does test your sanity and your marriage. DH and I argued so much and then we got along just fine. He thinks he should do it his way, I think I should do it my way. A recipe for trouble ya think?

It took us a week of making a few trips with a friend's pickup truck and then two major trips in the 10' U-haul truck on Friday, but everything is in. We learned something....we spent more in gas moving during the week than we would have spent just getting a 10' truck and moving it all at once. Amazing how you can have so much stuff packed into a less than 500 SF cottage eh? Everything fits nicely in here. We spent Friday unpacking, moving stuff into place and Saturday just organizing. OMG don't make me tell you about Saturday. Ok fine here goes...

I hate Wal Mart. Don't get me started on my rant about their contribution towards Communist China and the Chinese Military whose high ranking officers own major stock in the largest corporations in China. Your habit supports them. Lovely eh? Ok anyway, we had to errands to do yesterday. I have a short two hour job I usually do for extra $ on Friday afternoons, well because we moved Friday I couldn't do it till Saturday morning. We couldn't get to our usual grocery hangout Publix and with GREAT reluctance (you can all call me hypocrite at once) we went to the Wally World Superstore. Yes, I know, shame on me.

NEVER AGAIN. I know why I hate that place. It was so crowded, loud, children screaming, mothers yelling at their kids (you get a lot of that in discount stores in the south), and it was just a disgrace to be shopping there. I finally mentioned it to a sales associate who reminded me that it was the 1st and welfare and SS checks are received that time of month. She warned us never to go back there on the 1st and 3rd of the month.

The old people on SS might be slow but really they are no bother. I suppose then the ones who were the loudmouthed, obnoxious pains in the asses were the welfare moms with the six kids in tow all screaming at once.

I have known people who were on welfare whose kids were well-behaved so where's the excuse for the rest of 'em?

I don't know where this was leading but oh yeah, we will never go back to that store, it's Publix or we just plain starve.

It's been a decent weekend, we got a lot done, the place has come together nicely, everything's unpacked although I am waiting for DH to clean up his office and organize it. And we had to give up Cox high-speed because rural folks don't have that luxury so we're back to dialup which we both knew going into this was really the only negative of moving so far out here. Even the few extra $$ in gas we'll spend monthly is not a negative, not really.

So here we are in our 1512 SF 3BR/2BA home with monstrous size kitchen, tons of cabinets and storage space, gigantic walk-in closets, so many windows we don't have to turn on a single light during the day, a front deck and a covered side porch, and oh yes five wooded acres of oak trees, wild turkeys, chickens (yes I saw a chicken in our yard today so I gave it some corn!), deer (yes we have DEER!), and abundance of other critters.

And we're only about 10 minutes from my folks, which I think is cool. Oh Dh is still feuding with them, but really I'm glad I'm so close by!

That's all for now. I have to do some breakfast, iron my clothes for this week, and maybe, maybe layout a timeline for my term paper which is due at the end of this month. Thank God a friend is loaning me his fast laptop for school so I can work in other parts of the house while DH is on this thing. Four weeks isn't nearly enough time. Well we have had all semester and I did get my topic narrowed down, do research and an outline but as to writing the paper, I haven't gotten much done in three weeks because it's been hectic. I couldn't even get any research or writing done this weekend. It's just crazy. I need to get an "A" in this class, it would mean a lot to me, I have done so well with this professor and earned "A's" the last two times, I have to do this, besides my GPA will be 3.5 if I get the "A" this term. Yes I know don't focus on the GPA, but still it would be nice to get there!

Wish me luck, I need it.


  1. Anonymous4/02/2006

    It sounds to me like you are the proud pet of an adorable kitty. She is training you nicely. Be careful putting a collar on a cat. Robert's mom had one get hung in a tree by her collar. She had a heck of a time rescueing that cat. Look for one with a velcro closure that will come undone if she gets hung. Also, have you checked into DSL. I have it. It is not availabe in all areas out here yet, but they are adding new areas all the time. It is not as fast as cable, but it beats the heck out of dial-up!

    I'm glad things are going well. Go back to work, where you can get some rest. Oh, and wouldn't it be great if they built a Publix out here? I confess to being a Walmart shopper and I never go on welfare check days, it's a nightmare.--ST

  2. They don't have DSL in our area, and OMG dialup sucks. I wasn't on the computer much this weekend, maybe five whole minutes, because it's so damn slow. Ahh we were spoiled for a time. I wonder how I will do research on my paper without it.

  3. Anonymous4/04/2006

    Yikes! I can't imagine having to go back to dial up. Hopefully, they will have it available for you guys soon. Our phone company is Alltel. They put me on a list and called me as soon as it became available in our area. Good luck!--ST

  4. Our area just got a type of wireless broadband called Clearwire. They transmit signal in a wide area like cell phone signals.

    I think some of the satellite TV companies also sell satellite based broadband, but it aint real cheap.

    Going back to dial-up would make me give up computing.

    -- LD