Monday, April 17, 2006

Comedy Central's new low...

You know I've never been much of a fan of anything on Comedy Central except of course the delightfully and disgustingly hilarious "South Park" .

I am appalled that Comedy Central dared to enforce censorship and prohibited showing the character of the prophet Mohammad in the recent South Park episode. The episode in question wasn't about Muslims at all, it was a episode making fun of the idiocy surrounding CC's refusal to allow a cartoon character depiction of Mohammad. And because radical Muslims around the world have chanted death to whomever depicts a picture of Mohammad, in any form, CC caved and decided to censor it. Interestingly enough, Mohammad has actually been portrayed on South Park but since the riots a few weeks ago, CC has changed it's tune. The excuse was their fear for the public's safety.

Comedy Central is just getting way too PC. Weeks ago they wouldn't allow a satire of Scientology, and now this?

It's funny though because while CC execs were busy tripping each other trying to force censorship of the Mohammad episode, they must have forgotten this:

The recent South Park episode where Jesus poops on President Bush and the American flag and where Bush turns around and poops on Jesus.

MTV's advertisement of their plans to air a cartoon in Germany which bashes the Pope and depicts him as a lunatic on a pogo stick. Oh yeah MTV is owned by CC's parent company VIACOM.

CC's own reply to an episode of South Park which mocked the Virgin Mary, in which executives stated: "As satirists, we believe that it is our First Amendment right to poke fun at any and all people, groups, organizations and religions and we will continue to defend that right."

So convenient is their memory eh?

Since when does comedy, especially satire become PC? Comedy Central has been known for airing some pretty risky stuff and if they suddenly sprouted a conscience and are concerned about the public's reaction to their shows, perhaps they should begin censoring shows like SNL and the Daily Show, and also their live comedians who mock Republicans, the Bush Administration, Christians, and Jesus. You know all the things in America that it's ok to make fun of.

Since the days of the ancient Greek playwrights, satire has provided people with an outlet to express their frustrations and anger while being quite entertaining. It is harmless because in satire, laughter is the weapon. It is a form of social commentary, a way of exposing the human vice through the clever use of wit and irony. Matt Stone and Trey Parker do that quite well. The sad thing is that when even satire becomes subject to censorship and political correctness, then it's all over.

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  1. It is okay to ridicule Christians and whites.
    Anything goes where those two groups are concerned.

    I guess the idea is that White Christians, especially males are in control so it doesn't "hurt" them.

    It gets very upsetting at times to try to explain to my children why it is not appropriate to "joke back" with their friends at school with certain jokes.