Thursday, April 27, 2006

Dear Federal Government, stick to what you know...

...because implementing viable, effective, long-term solutions for problems in America just isn't it.

Ok so the Republicans believe a $100 rebate check (in exchange for drilling in ANWR) will relieve our pain and the Dems think repealing the 18 cent federal gas tax for sixty days is going to make a big difference.

Do they think we're stupid? Honestly I don't think it's going to make a bit of difference for the average American.

Let's see, DH and I fill our car up once every four days which averages about 7.5 tanks per month. At $31 per tank that's about $210 per month. Not paying federal gas tax will save us a whopping $1.80 per tank or $13.50 per month. Those who have larger tanks or commute more will save more and those who have smaller tanks and commute less will save less. And then there's the issue of the rebates. How do you know who gets it and who doesn't?

Sorry but this isn't a solution. It would be nice if an INDEPENDENT group could tell us all the truth behind the price of gas. I don't know that many people are that upset because they have to pay more, I think they're like me, upset at not knowing WHY. I hate to pay higher prices for things and not know why. I think the American people have a right to know why prices are skyrocketing overnight, sometimes in the same day.

We pay less for gas than they do in many European countries, this doesn't mean that we should be paying that much more for gas, but I'm wondering, are we Americans spoiled? For years now, it's become a "I want it now" attitude, even I am guilty of it at times. I can understand a rising price in gas over a longer period of time but overnight? A fourteen cent hike overnight deserves an explanation, the truth. It's time we start demanding the truth, time to start becoming amateur economists and reading, listening, asking questions. It's the only way we're going to learn and the only way we're going to really be able to do something about it.

I'm not ready to blame anyone yet until I know for sure why this is happening so quickly. And I damn sure am not listening to anyone in Congress and going along with their stupid short-term solutions which are doing nothing more than pandering for my vote in the next election.

A vote which by the way, they will not get.


  1. Anonymous4/28/2006

    It really sucks when our politicians have no back bone. They are too busy trying to placate the media and feeble minded people who will believe what ever crap they spew out of their warped pea brains. The reason gas is expensive is 1) we are dependent on foriegn oil, 2) we do not have enough refineries, 3) enviromental regulations, 4)high taxes. I suppose we could stand to deal with any one of those issues independently, but when you couple them all together they are too burdensome. The price of gas will come down when we get politicians with enough courage and fortitude to do what is right regardless of who they tick off. 1) Start drilling in Alaska, the Gulf and anywhere else it is available, 2) build more refineries, 3) tell the whacko enviromentalists to go to hades, 4) cut the exorbatant taxes.--ST

  2. Yeah you know I can't understand why they won't drill miles off the coast of Florida. You wouldn't even be able to SEE the platform from the beaches. It's crazy.

    Did you know Brazil is now no longer oil-dependent on other nations? Their newest rig just marked the end of an era for Brazil who for decates has become more and more in debt to because of the dependence on foreign oil. While they still have to import some fine crude oil, they are now able to produce the oil to fuel their country's needs and export 300,000 barrels per day by thye year 2010.

    Hmm. maybe we should take a cue from them.

    I agree about the refineries. The US government gives tax breaks to these oil companies to find alternative sources of fuel and build new refineries but the problem is that the extremist environmentalists won't allow it. Hey I'm an environmentalist too but I think that you can have both if done properly! Look at the Alaskan pipeline. For years, the extremists complained that the it would kill off the Caribou, instead they thrive in record numbers because they like the WARMTH provided by the pipeline.

    Gee go figure!!

    As for giving tax breaks to oil companies for finding alternative sources of fuel, I've been thinking about that and frankly WHY should they? They are in the OIL business not the SOLAR ENERGY business, if Bush wants to give tax breaks for producing solar energy then someone ought to start up some solar energy companies. Let the oil companies do what they do best.....OIL.

    Bush's speech yesterday nauseated me. We have lost him. NO wonder his rating is in the 30% range, he's giving in on the immigration and oil issues, makes me sick.

    Thank God I am an Independent.

  3. Anonymous4/29/2006

    Poor me! I don't know what I am anymore, besides disgusted. I read my news in little snatches here and there because it is just too depressing. I certainly can't vote for the democrats. But what's a person to do when they vote republican and they act like democrats. I don't see why the dems are whining about being out of power. It appears the republicans are rolling over and letting them have whatever they want.--ST