Monday, April 10, 2006

Does America really need them?

Something is bothering me.

First is it a myth that illegal aliens take the jobs nobody else wants? And is it a good idea to bring in such a large influx of no-skilled to low-skilled workers? Is that really good for America?

No. Here's why:

1) Most of them will never receive an education, their children might, but the immigrant adults probably won't.

2) Most of them will never invest in the stock market

3) Most of them will never make more than minimum wage

4) Most of them will never buy more than the necessities of life

5)Most of them will not learn the language, customs, and assimilate

6) With little or no education, no savings, little ability to speak English if at all (which just segregates them from society ever more), and with minimum wages they will not be able to afford health care, insurance, higher education, or retirement and as such, will become a burden to society.

Granted, we have Americans who meet that criteria, which is why I have to ask how stupid could the government of a country be to allow millions MORE people like this into the country?

Most countries around the world have strict immigration policies. In at least the Western Civilized countries, you can't just move there, you have to have skills, be employable at more than minimum wage work, and you have to be sponsored. It can't possibly be good for a country's economy to bring in millions of low-wage, unskilled workers.

So why are we doing it?

We're being indoctrinated by Bush, Congress and immigrant groups with "immigrants do the jobs nobody else will do" and "they are good for America".

However that's not necessarily true. First off, a lack of of immigration and border enforcement perpetrated this problem into the crisis it is today. Our government created the need by allowing these people to come in illegally and work with little or no enforcement. When the illegals came in and took these low wage unskilled jobs with no benefits, no unionization, and no complaints, companies begin to produce more, consumers bought more, and the companies profited more. To take the illegal workers away now would definitely affect companies and consumers. Companies would have to adjust by either hiring legal workers at most likely a slightly higher rate and include benefits or cut production which would result in higher prices for consumers. Either way, we'd live, trust me.

Second, no matter what anyone says, don't buy into the argument that having illegal workers of good for the economy because they spend their money here and pay taxes. You can't pay taxes if your employer doesn't document you. And by the way, have you seen how many illegal aliens and even many legal immigrants live? Sometimes almost a dozen to an apartment, little or no electricity, no phone, and one very old very large vehicle for transportation. They buy their ethnic foods, cigarettes, beer, and the bare necessities in regards to clothing, the rest of the money goes back to Mexico. You know it's true, if you've ever been at a grocery store on Fridays when these folks get paid, they wait in long lines to turn their paychecks into money orders to send back home. I know this, I've seen it, you probably have too.

No it's not a crime to want to make a better life for one's self and family. And I actually DO sympathize with these people (my ancestors were European immigrants). Imagine being forced to leave your homeland because your own government is so corrupt you can't make a living or get a decent education!!! The thing is that we can't be the savior for the world's poor. Ideally our best solution is to work for reform in these countries. Surely these millions of illegals would LOVE to be back home in a free Mexico with a strong, booming economy and good schools. Ultimately while I feel for the people who seek refuge from such a corrupt system as the one that exists south of the border, this country, like every other, must put limits on migration. All countries must protect their borders and ensure their sovereignty. Crossing America's border illegally is a crime. And what makes it that much worse is that a large majority of the governing body of this great nation defends it with the excuse that these people are vital to our econmy.

To our lawmakers, listen to what you are saying you fools. You are the ELECTED representatives of the American people, you hold the keys to the security and stability of the richest, most free nation on the face of the earth and the best you can do is defend the invasion of illegal aliens by saying they are good for the economy?

Good grief!


  1. Hi Jessica. Thanks for dropping by my blog.

    I agree with what you are saying and it's not just America. The UK are doing exactly the same while all the other European countries are taking a stance. We are so afraid of not being PC! I am sick of paying taxes to benefit the cock-ups of other countries. I do sympathise, but why should it just be us?

    Take care


  2. Hi Theresa, so glad to hear from you! BTW you look awesome in those photos you posted!! Sounds like the UK is going to have to unite with the US eh?

  3. Isn't it ironic, though, that America was founded as a refuge for immigrants from the old Kingdom?

    I still can't give up the notion that our country is some kind of a refuge for the 'trash' of the world (some of my ancestors were deserters from the German army).

    If you really look at the U.S. and population density, especially compared with other countries like the UK, I think you'd find we got plenty of room yet. Not so sure it's time we put out the No Vacancy sign.

    Then again, some people would actually have to live in places like North Dakota, or worse, Alaska.