Thursday, April 20, 2006

It's refreshing to see an organization maintain its integrity...

It's a shame that many people are so quick to condemn the Minutemen for their efforts along the southwestern border. The Minutemen are simply utilizing their freedom of speech, they are not physically or verbally assaulting anyone, just using peaceful methods to send their message. It makes me proud we still have organizations in America conducting themselves in such a manner.

Check out their statement: The Minutemen prohibit burning Mexican flags!

From their own site:

The Minuteman Project does not endorse or encourage violence; this includes aggressive demonstrations that create malicious behavior such as flag burning, rioting, or any physical contact of any kind. In this time of social turmoil many anti-American groups wish to cause harm to the name of the Minutemen, because they know that the Minutemen stand for peace and the Rule of Law. The Minutemen are a model of strength and personal control in a time of civil disobedience. The Minuteman Pledge declares our virtues while our Standard Operating Procedures (S.O.P.) declare our actions.

.......Stephen J. Eichler J.D. Exec Dir of the Minuteman Project, Inc.

Also, here are the Minutemen Rally Instructions. Do you know of many groups such as this who have explicit instructions not to engage in hatred or violence?

To Be Carried At All Times While At The Rally - 01Jan06

Upon arrival at the demonstration site, you must follow these simple rules until such time that you depart the area:

The purpose of our rallies is to show our opposition to illegal immigration. Bring appropriate signs and/or flags (US or CA) to carry and wave during the demonstration. Smile and wave to people passing by. Follow all instructions from the event organizer or other supervisors and security personnel. Any questions, ask!

Stay with our group. Use the buddy system at all times. Protect yourself from attacks from the opposition. Call for help if you are attacked. Several Minutemen will be designated as “Security” for the event and should be called upon if any problems with outsiders or anyone that is not with our group.

If confronted by employers, protestors or legal observers, ignore them. NEVER engage in conversation with them unless instructed by a supervisor. Protect yourself if they approach you in a hostile manner. Beware of sneak attacks with mace, bull horns, cameras, thrown objects, punches, etc. If attacked, press charges with the police immediately. Demand an arrest.

Do not speak to nor gesture to any suspected illegal aliens or day laborers.

Abide by all federal, state, and local laws.

Follow all instructions by law enforcement. Be courteous and professional at all times; you are Minutemen and are held to a higher standard. Respect the community, its residents, and all private businesses and property. Leave no trash. Make friends with the locals when possible.

Videotape all incidents and note times and places in case a report or legal action is taken.

Minutemen are not racist or violent. Any inappropriate behavior is grounds for dismissal and must be reported to a supervisor immediately.

No alcohol or drugs before or during protests.

Enjoy yourself! Stay positive and be proud. You are here taking action while your fellow Americans sit at home and complain! You are making a difference! You are Minutemen of honor act in accordance.

Any complaints or suggestions please see a supervisor. Thank you for serving.

Suggested Equipment:

Patriotic clothing and hat, cell phone, protest sign and/or flag, flyers to give to employers, digital camera or camcorder, FRS radio, binoculars (optional), small bullhorn.

© Minuteman Project, Inc.

Posted Thursday, March 30, 2006

You see, it is possible to demonstrate peacefully in this country while not treading upon the rights of others. It also possible that two or more groups of people can collide in ideology and still conduct a peaceful dialogue without physical or verbal assault.

Many people do not understand that opposing viewpoints can peacefully coexist. Maybe if they did, there would be more open and successful communication and less violence.

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