Saturday, April 22, 2006

Just because my skin color is light...

My mother turned me on to doing these online surveys awhile back, it's a way of helping these companies gather rather basic information while at the same time making a few $$. For the first time in over a year I decided to participate in one of the surveys today. I signed in with my username and email addy and proceeded into the survey when I noticed the survey asks for your ethnicity. The choices were:

African American
Native American
Latin American/Hispanic

I think I got it right. Ok now, I had to think about which one I am.

I'm not African American, in fact I know plenty of dark-skinned Americans but none of them are actually from Africa.

I'm not Asian, now I know plenty of Americans whose ancestors came from Asia, but none of them were born there.

Now Native American---I'm 1/16 Cherokee Indian. Let's see my father's mother's father's mother or let's just say my great great grandmother Sara Della Blackstock Hogan was a full-blooded Cherokee Indian. But I hear that 1/16 isn't enough. So I guess I have to try something else.

I know for certain I am not an Eskimo, although I do love the pies they make :)

As for Caucasian/White, well I know my skin is light, especially since I don't tan anymore, but Latin Americans, Eskimos, Asians, all have "white" skin too, it doesn't seem fair that merely my skin color decides my ethnicity. So I didn't mark that either.

Ok well we're almost down the list and I can't remember having any hispanic ancestry, although my great great great great grandfather was a General in the Spanish Army in Catalonia Spain back in the 1700's. Now if he was from Spain and not Sicily that would certainly make me Spanish but not Latin-American.

So finally, well almost finally we come to "multi-ethnic". BINGO! Yes, my skin might be light colored but don't let that fool you. My mother and father were born in America, so were their parents. But that's where it ends. My mother's paternal grandparents were Orthodox Jews born in Romania, my mother's maternal grandparents were born in Sicily and New York (her maternal grandfather was born in NY but HIS parents were born in Italy). All four of my father's grandparents and a few of his great grandparents were born in America, but going back farther their ancestors, who eventually settled deep roots in the Carolinas and Georgia, were born in Ireland, Scotland, Prussia, Holland and Germany. That makes me Cherokee, Irish, Scotch, Dutch, German, Sicilian, Italian, and Romanian.

Yes my I might have light-colored skin, but that doesn't make "white" my ethnicity!


  1. Anonymous4/22/2006

    What in the world was other? Have you seen any green people walking around lately!--ST

  2. Jeesh, Jess, it's only a survey! For a few dollars and free products, I'm willing to check the White/Caucasian without having to delve into my ancestry every time. :-)

  3. Uhhh this was tongue-in-cheek. Geez now I have to make sure I actually say that from now on LOL!

  4. Yeah, you know how us old yankees are.