Friday, April 28, 2006

No work stoppage for me...

Been hearing about this big "work stoppage" thing for over a month now so I will really be glad when it's over so we can move on to other important news.

I am not taking off work Monday like millions of other people in order to protest because I do not believe that illegal aliens should be granted amnesty plain and simple. And I hear many thousands will be carrying Mexican flags (didn't they learn anything from that before?) I am really surprised at all these companies, big companies too like Tyson who are shutting down plants because they expect most of their workers to be out. I say "hey if you don't show up for work, you're fired" sounds pretty clear to me. And guess what? If they are fired, they have no recourse, the Constitution does not protect you or me from any entity but the government. We'll see how this whole mess affects our country. Frankly I don't give a damn. Why? Because I think that all this protesting for amnesty for illegals is ridiculous. America has laws, it's time to enforce them. Did you know if you were caught illegally residing in Mexico you'd be spending your time in a Mexican prison? Yep.

I'm tired of people who are here illegally (and those who support them) telling me that they have a right to anything in this country, that they have a right to citizenship, a right to vote, a right to work, a right to anything. They are here illegally, and it isn't just about crossing the border either. The laws being broken by these people apply to much more than that. It also applies to the use of fraudulent documents like social security cards and birth certificates. We have laws in this county that would prosecute me for falsifying legal documents. If I were to falsify a legal document my ass would be in jail and for good reason. Why does the law apply only to some and not to all?

I'm sick of Congress and the spineless bastards who gave in and rescinded the bill that made illegal immigration a felony. I'm sick of Bush and his inability to stand firm with the leaders of countries whose people are here illegally. I can't believe he can't come out against illegal immigration. It's a lot of double-speak, nobody knows what his stance is on the issue. And I'm sick of every organization in this country who promotes rights and citizenship for people who are here illegally. Does Bush even KNOW about "Reconquista?" that's right I bet he never even heard of it. It's the Mexican "underground" quest to

Right now the more I'm pushed on this issue, the more I'm pushing back. My sympathy for their plight is waning pretty quick. Sometimes a sacrifice has to be made for principle. Somebody out there PLEASE show me one damn Congressman/woman who is willing to sacrifice their position of power for principle. Yeah right!

So I say, let them have their work stoppage, big deal. Let the Latin American countries stop buying our goods for one whole day, let the illegals and their supporters here in the US boycott their jobs, schools, and US products for one day. All it's going to do is force the American people to see the truth which is that their The best I can hope for is that the whole damn thing backfires on them.

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  1. I've been saying much the same on my blogs and Delbert W Allegood