Sunday, April 02, 2006

Race has its privileges...

"Ms. McKinney is just a victim of being in Congress while black." says Cynthia McKinney's lawyer!

Now it's been said that Cynthia McKinney was in a hurry to some important meeting and one has to wonder because if you check her record, she sure hasn't done much of anything real significant in recent memory...

Unless you count of course, you count her sponsorship of H.R.4968 which provides for the "expeditious disclosure of records relevant to the life and death of Tupac Amaru Shakur"

or perhaps her cosponsorship of H.RES.727 which congratulated "Prime Minister-designate Portia Simpson Miller for becoming the first female Prime Minister-designate of Jamaica",

or her important cosponsoring of H.RES.668 which called for "celebrating the 40th anniversary of Texas Western’s 1966 NCAA Basketball Championship and recognizing the groundbreaking impact of the title game victory on diversity in sports and civil rights in America.",

or her cosponsorship of H.RES.655 which called for "Honoring the life and accomplishments of Mrs. Coretta Scott King and her contributions as a leader in the struggle for civil rights, and expressing condolences to the King family on her passing."

I could find very little in the past few years that contains any real substance and importance to the American people overall. I find very few things she's sponsored or cosponsored recently and very few issues she voted on in the last couple of years.

So what was so all-fired important she had to circumvent a security system to get to? She was asked three times to pass through a metal detector like the other individuals in line that day. She refused and a Capitol police officer placed a hand on her and she hit him. Now she's screaming she's a victim because she's black. And a good officer could be sued and be in a lot worse trouble for doing his job.

The job of a Capitol police officer is difficult enough, they don't need authority-defying, race baiting, hate mongering Congressional types throwing their clout around in an attempt to circumvent the system, a system by the way that is in place not only for her safety but for the officer's safety and the safety of every person in and around that building.

Cynthia's mouthpiece civil rights lawyers are saying she was in fear for her safety and that is why she hit the officer. They said that this officer should have recognized her. Hello? How many members of Congress are there? Does Cynthia recognize each and every one of them? She held a news conference at Howard University with Danny Glover and Harry Belafonte by her side (surprise!) and alleged the incident was "inappropriate touching and stopping". Her civil rights lawyers are referring to the officer's placing of his hand on her shoulder as "assault" and they are investigating the idea of a civil lawsuit against the officer and the Capitol Police. A civil lawsuit? Like I said, isn't the job of a capitol police officer already difficult but now they have to worry about being sued for doing their jobs?

What about her interfering with a police officer doing his duty? I haven't even heard an apology from her because if she'd just done what she, as a Congressional representative has been taught, and that is abiding by certain rules while in office, and if she could just abide by the law, laws which she expects her constituents to abide by, then all of this could have been avoided. But no, she's out for blood and wasting more taxpayer dollars.

I heard her press conference this morning. It was supposed to be in response to this incident, instead it was a very boring rundown of everything she's done while in office.

Yes, like I said it was boring.

For me this is very simple. First off, she was circumventing the metal detector. Either everyone goes through or nobody goes through. What is the point of security with exceptions? She has a pin that goes on the lapel for a reason, to help her be recognized. If she didn't want harassment, she would have worn her pin.

Second, does it really matter that she was unrecognized? Even if she had been recognized, she should have to abide by the rules. She is a lawmaker and as such surely she knows about abiding by the law.

Third and finally---that hairdo. That God-awful hairdo from hell. It was beyond fugly, it was plain repulsive, she should be bitch-slapped for even thinking it was ok to go out in public looking like that. Hell when I saw the photo of her, I hardly recognized her. I thought she looked like someone who got arrested for a DUI and spent the night in the pokey. This woman is in serious need of a makeover, whoever told her that afro was cool? At least with the cornrows she looked dignified. Now she just looks, well, like one of those welfare moms I saw in a muumuu and slippers walking around the Wally World superstore munching on a box of something she just grabbed off the shelf and yelling at her kid to shut the hell up. Stereotypical? Maybe. But hello? What was she thinking?

Anyway back to the point. Cynthia McKinney had a choice to decide how to handle the situation. She could have chosen to be a stand-up woman and go through the metal detector like everyone else and shown that even politicians are subject to the law and are responsible for their own actions, or she could have cried foul, shouted racism, hired legal guns and gotten left-wing extremist racist celebs to back her up.

We all know how she handled it, which is so unfortunate because she had the opportunity to do the right thing and she didn't. Cynthia McKinney bitches about white men and racism and privilege but now that seems hypocritical coming from her. Just add her to the long list of politicians, both male and female, who believe they are somehow privileged in that they should be exempt from the the rule of law.

In this case, Cynthia McKinney's racial status now makes her exempt too.


  1. I whole-heartedly agree with you, but more than that, now I want to see that hairdo from hell!!!

  2. You asked for it!!

  3. Well, she's no Tom DeLay.