Sunday, April 16, 2006

Revolt against Rumsfeld...

Generals For Rumsfeld: Franks, Myers, DeLong, Pace, McMaster, Crosby, McInerney, Moore, Vallely,

Generals Against Rumsfeld: Clark, Odom, Hughes, Swannack, Batiste, Newbold, Zinni, Riggs, Eaton

I have a hard time believing that the Generals who are bitching about Rumsfeld who served directly for him, didn't have an opportunity to voice their opposition to Rumsfeld while they worked for him. And certainly honrable men of their caliber who say they opposed the plan would have made their concerns known to Rumsfeld, would have stood their ground regardless of what he might to do them, right? I mean isn't that what honorable men do?

We're hearing about the Generals who are opposed to Rumsfeld but what about those who side with him? They may not agree with him all the time but they respect his judgment. According to CNN, General Pace says that the Joint Chiefs signed off on the war plan givn them by General Tommy Franks and at that time top officers had an opportunity to speak out. Some, including Newbold, never said a word.

So now they are, some of them are pushing books they've recently written. Makes you wonder doesn't it?

Of the 5,000 retired Generals and Admirals we have just a handful coming out against him. And that's what's getting the coverage. Because of course there's no story in the handfuls of Generals who do support him.

Rumsfeld might or might not be a son of a bitch. And he might or might not be dismissive and stubborn. That's not the issue.

Getting the job done is.

I am not a war expert so I will not comment on whether or not Rumsfeld is doing a good job. The the Secretary of Defense relies heavily on his Generals to give him solid advice, he is not required to take action on that advice. All we can do is hope that he's looked at all sides, contemplated his plan of action well, and gone with the best course of action that lay before him.

To be honest, in times of turmoil, it's the son of a bitch I want in charge deciding that course of action.

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